🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Shut it you lot.
Or I’ll file a Pole Ice complaint


Will your cat be turning into a Pole-cat or is it staying. :lou_wink_2:


I thought I was being POLE-ite.


I don’t know about Friday, but the bloke on SSN at the mo, Pete Graves is bloody pissed. The lovely Vicky has been giving him daggers and side comments for ages and he disappeared for 20 mins before announcing “I’m back.”


If she keeps giving us shit all night for having been away so long she may become an ex cat.
Think I may have to throw in a Kourva ball before too long if you lot keep this up or at least move to a Pole itical thread



Celebrating again. And also as I don’t have to be in work til Thursday a non work night.


OMG. I think I just discovered a fortune.
OK you may recall I’m partial to Polish flavoured Vodkas, especially Chocolate Chilli.
A bottle had been in the fridgecabout 3 months so I fancied a shot after dinner as a dessert.
The top was all solidified couldn’t get any out nor shake up the bottle
Using a knife I scooped it out.
Stuck it in a glass and invented
Chocolate Chilli Vodka Ice Cream.
Oh my


Still not drinking on a school night. After the dark looks I got on Friday, I didn’t even bother on Saturday.

Tomorrow is Friday. I will be ever so slightly pickled, glare permitting.


New sunglasses not all that?


Fuck all this dry January bollocks. I’ve got shitloads of booze left from Xmas, so tucking in every night. January is depressing enough especially with a birthday and no bastard to go on the turps with because they’re on dry January, the twats.


I want your life, but I’m liking recent trends in the bank balance.


“Going on the turps” not heard that one before.

It’s my new bestest phrase, ever. It’ll annoy Mrs C_S no end

:lou_lol: :+1:


Dry January is ridiculous. February has less days. If you’re gonna do it, wait until then.


Save it until you’re at a dinner party and the host asks you what you think of wine. She’ll appreciate it more in that setting.


Capitalist Bastard!


But when you get your managers pay rise you’ll be sipping Chardonnay with the best of them…



Fuck that. You only live once. No cunt is gonna look back from old bones and say, “Do you know what, that dry January in 2019 made all the difference”.


I had good intentions but the Ayatollah, god bless her, didn’t get the memo and arranged multiple nights out with the biggest coterie of alcoholics this side of the Watford Gap.

Shall be twatted tonight, tomorrow, next Friday and the rest of January thereafter


Good man!! We need to drink enough to make up for lightweights.



Walking and drinking all day in London tomorrow - meeting in Wetherspoons at 7:30 before an 8:14 train but am out tonight with @Rallyboy (who is boring and teetotal and therefore boring) at a gig.

Do I a) persuade the wife to drop me off, drink, make a twat of myself, regret it, pay off the woman so she doesn’t make a formal complaint and regret it all day tomorrow in London or b) drive and talk about sheep herding with @Rallyboy and wistfully reminisce at how good “One man and his dog” used to be on the BBC? Or c) something else…