🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Fuck dry January until 17th when my helicopter lands back offshore until then its party time


Been there.

I took ms pap to some student party when she was pregnant with our firstborn. I took eight tins of Stella. It was the sort of wankers party where there was no communal pool of drinks, and folk jealously guarded and drank their own personal stashes. There was a man wearing a T-Shirt with the word “CUNT” emblazoned on it in capital letters. I think I remember drunkenly accosting him after five tins.

Eight tins later, and three hours later, I’d woken up and taken a giant slash all over the bedroom carpet. After my preggers missus had slapped me out of my stupor, I felt compelled to clean it up. A weeping mess, I slurred “you deserve better than a man who pisses on your carpet”, imploring “please don’t tell anyone. I’d be so ashamed”.

10am, the next morning, I phone my best mates up, asking “Guess what I did last night?”.

“I pissed on the carpet. Cried my eyes out afterward. Said Ginge deserved a better man!”.

I was probably right :wink:


Should be plenty of snow by then :wink:


I know how you feel, though at least it’s now just me and my ever-loving wife most of the time, as her daughters are relatively rarely here. And the dog puts us males in the majority. On the other hand, like your cat he is bereft of gonads.

Mind you, if you’ve ever had your nostrils treated to the delights of tomcat spray, you’ll know that they were right about that. It’s a smell that’s strong enough to wake you up from a deep sleep.


Don’t drink on a school night, so only Friday/ Saturday nights, hols plus the very special occasions.

4 cans a night isn’t doing you any favours. If your bestie has suggested something similar (given his old drinking ways) then I’d listen.
Saves money, brain cells, wind issues, nagging by women, liver damage plus less hangovers.

I drank quite a bit over festive period but going to try and drink a whole lot less apart from a few birthdays this month. Once I’ve finished my glass of wine (such a hypocrite as started the bottle Wednesday night). :flushed:


Not drinking on a school night is great. Nice clear head in the mornings. Even four cans could leave one a bit fuggy the next day.


Avoid workday hangovers by having the 4 cans for breakfast.


Do you work in a school ?

If not what has a school night got to do with the price of eggs?


Fecking lightweight :lou_lol:


It is slang for not having to go to work in the morning. Been a thing for some time.


I’m in Poland. Sod school days.
But equally, with a DUI level of 0.05% and lots of running about in my Renault snowplough to do, I’ve been in sipping mode.
Ffs I only had 3 pints during a 10 hour all nighter on NYE
(Vodka doesn’t count obviously)


Milk,sugar and wine ?

Not really obvs…



This could be good news for the general public.

@saintbletch need never go out to the pub again.





Leftovers night before last flight ever to Dubai as “home”.
Will start a proper Vodlast thread when we get back here.
This has been in the Polish fridge - the balcony, where it is currently-6C.
This is truly as smooth as a smooth thing at that temperature.
Just sip it down, no kick, no burn just a lovely warming bite to it. Not even needing the Grapefruit juice in the 2nd glass to help it down.
Nom nom nom


Will you need to change your username by deed-POLE. :lou_wink:


If the Vodka was as easy to drink as Phil said, he’s probably POLE-axed


Do we really need all these awful puns?

Perhaps there should be a POLE to decide?


Enough already!