🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Bloody Mary’s for breakfast then Guiness for dinner or evening meal.

What could possibly go wrong.

Sustanance in a bottle or three.


This is weird.
No hangover and the Duvet wasn’t stuck to the ceiling this morning
A Magnum of cheap bubbles, Monterey Bay Pinot Noir, a Kinggoblin and half a bottle of Madeira. I had all of the last 2 :sunglasses:
Very civilised.
Now to make sure I lose the who will drive argument for a trip to my Uncle in Weymouth who has booze, gallons of booze


I feel remarkably chipper this morning. I will try harder today.


Still inebriated would be my guess.
Keep it up :+1:


I would invite you to stop in on the way back but I don’t think you’d be in any fit state…

Have you thought of training it?


I’m designated driver :rage:Dorchester & Blandford route


Hopefully, like the buses here, there’ll be another one along in a minute


No no NOÒOO.
I don’t need a 4th pint.
Oh alright then, just get me a colostomy bag for the Tube home


Some feat if you’re still staying in Salisbury.

Didn’t realise the tube goes out that far


Good luck with the bladder control…


For the record.
A Polish Vodka & Coke…

And no Cobs, we’d relocated to the dark side for a couple of nights - Essex… #centralline


Have been in the pub all afternoon.

Had a shower and am now out to sample the delights of Cobham (The Plough).

Laters :wave:


There has been a big debate on my drinking with the missus and the best mate (I’d say sorry @Fatso, but he no longer posts).

I did have a tipple or two over the festive period. The missus thinks I should only drink on special occasions. The best mate says anything but a school night. I realise there are other options. Poll time.

When should I drink?

  • Never
  • Special occasions only
  • Non school nights
  • Drink! Drink! Drink! Feck. Arse. Girls.

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I normally don’t drink at home save for the odd occassion, however I do normally drink on Monday nights (Pub quiz night) and Wednesday night (Pool league night) when I’m not driving.

And then of course football matches and work nights out but they’re few and far between


Drink Pap, just manage the units on school nights.
I’ve made it to 60 without needing an intravenous Bacardi drip.

Meanwhile £2.80 Moldovan Cab Sav. Surprisingly pleasant.


This and if your usual drink becomes a every night routine, you need to have a hard look at yourself and ask why you don’t try something different. There’s a wonderful world of alcoholic choices out there. Broaden your hirizons a bit :champagne::wine_glass::cocktail::tropical_drink::beer::clinking_glasses::tumbler_glass:


It’s possible to have fun without booze pap.

Why take the risk though?


I nipped over the shop and got four cans of export.

I am also in the proper fucking doghouse with the missus and young adult #2.

I live in a matriarchal tyranny. The only other male thing in this house is the cat, and they cut that poor bastard’s balls off. I feel it was done as a message, although they insist it was to keep the house from smelling of tomcat piss.


See what happens when you have too much export and piss in the wardrobe then?


Most important is to have booze free days to let the liver breathe. I tend to be TT Monday through Thursday, then let rip at the weekend

Then is the occasional slip up in that but not too often

Anyway back to Dry January, I shall be knocking that on the head tomorrow at Le Manoir and then again on the 20th for ten days whilst I wash tonnes of melted alpine cheese down with red wine


Good cup of tea is fucking wonderful. Doesn’t wire you up like coffee, but you’re not in bed for 10pm.