🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Glad to see you have Xmas sorted

We have pre-Xmas sorted with lil Sis and Bro in law over tomorrow- am cooking a big standard Xmas turkey meal with trimmings - while listening to the game obvs.

I’m also cooking on Xmas day, but Mrs C_S didn’t actually get her arse in gear to order the joint we wanted (boned duck btw) so we have no idea what we’re having on Tuesday. She is going to the local Sainsbury’s tomorrow early to see what is available…I did buy a pack of fishfingers yesterday.

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Ummmm…you calling me / Mrs C_S a whore???


Brother in law.
He secretly poured a last beer.
It was a Russian Barley Wine.
I saw stars. Ouch


Todays friday right?

Below is a Philippine equivelant of Tequilla


On a bus. In a Christmas jumper. Heading to Salisbury’s German market for Gluhwein then to Weatherspoons.
Bloody marvellous


Don’t hang around any park benches and make sure to wash thoroughly after handling knobs.


And give the perfume you found to someone you don’t like.


Woo! Had time for a Bratwurst & a trip to Poundland for Mrs D_P’s present.
All she wanted for Xmas was a Bromley as she forgot to pack hers!
Doombar time


Yuk. Tbh think we’d be more at risk touching the tables in 'spoons than from any knobs.

Hmm did that come out right?


She forgot to pack a London Borough? Mind you a lot of Poundland’s profits probably come from there :lou_wink:


Crafty Santa & Itchen Me Baubles washed down with 1860 Coconut Tequila what could possibly go wrong?


Is it too early for a Bloody Mary?
Asking for a friend…


No, never.
It’s the “one and only acceptable alcoholic breakfast drink”.
If you can say that fast, you’re not that pissed.


Doesn’t Bucks Fizz have the requisite amount of vitamins to qualify too @Saint-or-sinner ?


To obvious. A Bloody Mary looks the part.
Don’t think the alcoholics care about vitamin count, but tomatoe juice surely wins?


I’ve been drinking three nights of the last four. What is quite scary after a period away is just how much that shit knocks you over when you’ve not induldged for a bit. I was akip until 14:40 on Saturday. Woke up just in time for the Saints game.


Agree with that @pap. I was wobbling after 4 pints, a Tequila & a Prosecco. Mrs D_P was passed out on the sofa by 8pm she woke up at 8:30.
And repeat…


2 bottles of champagne between 4 of us at lunch and then about 3 bottles of white wine between 4 and a bit of us tonight at dinner. Don’t feel too bad currently.


Continue sedation… :lou_lol: