🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Guide Dog. Bookshop. No work tonight. Many beers.




Absolutely no sympathy from the sober South China Sea.:lou_lol:


My head hurts, I taste beer every time I burp.


Go for a pint.


Reading that and i really fancy a pint. Bit early though and the pub i like has no TV’s, so a bit shit for the football.



4 bottles of Stella for £20 1st half 3 pints for £20 2nd half.
Dodged the shots but the 4am alarm is looking rough


Yum. Home made Walnut moonshine Vodka from Croatia. Made with soft young Walnuts
Really need a Vodka thread when move here


My brother in law must hate me.
Next up is a fine Slivovitch


A gift from Brother in law beer this time.
Not Polish either.
Croatian lager.


Works do at TGI Fridays.

Should be tame but depends where we end up after.

Merry Xmas you cunts.




I am attempting to rid my self of a cold. The one sensible thing the Ayatollah’s mum used to say was the best remedy for colds was booze and garlic.


Your on this?


Never ever drink that - it is fucking terrible. Liquid garlic.


You’ve tried it?
You’re a brave man.


The Airplane Auto Pilot has had a bit to much I think


Oh dear, it’s 4 am and i have just fell off a motorbike taxi, extremely pissed. Too many Sang Som and cokes, i really should be ashamed of myself. Growing old disgracefully. Was a good night though. Was dragged kicking and screaming into a GoGo bar where nubile ladies were shaking their booties with very little clothes on. Was good fun though, as best i can recall. Very warm, not too humid. Time for bed i reckon.
Just as an afterthought, why don’t Sotonians have a poster of the year competition? My vote goes to Bazza, cos he makes me laugh out loud. i would love to meet him and have a beer or six. Maybe in 2019! If i make it!


Testing the wine for Xmas day - a little challenging given the avian flu some cunt at work gave me, however i struggle on

Anyway the contenders are a couple of Pinot Noirs

The first is NZ - Rippon - light with good acidity

The second is Californian - Au Bon Climat. Still light but more jammy

Starters are sorted with a Chenonceau Tourraine and pudding we are having Vin de Constance - a Saffer sweet wine