🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?






People, people, you can see where this is going. The paisley shirted megalomaniac only wants to drink on a Friday night so let him. Someone needs to start up a new Everyday Is A Drinking Day thread and leave him to fiddle alone on his own. Tres bon. CD


Oh to be young again and experience the joys of being pickled and posting at 4am


I’ll give you the old school but correct? You sirrah were, possibly, inebriated on a Thursday night at best I’ll give you Friday morning…


The Aytollah has declared the the stupid fucking cunting tree is to be erected tonight. As I would rather fellate Rab C Nesbitt than have anything to do with the prickly bastard, she has decided on a strategy of alcohol to win my cooperation.

Another pint of old thumper and I shall be dispatched into the loft.

A pint of claret with dinner should numb my hands enough to grapple with the piney cunt.

Another pint of claret followed a couple of swift rums to bring me back down from several petulant tantrums that will inevitably happen.

I fucking hate that tree.


I have a santa hat on.


Anything else or just the hat?


Don’t ask @gavstar you may not like the answer


Where’s the fucking claret :lou_angry:


I’ve been off the beers for about a week after getting whammed at the Christmas Party. I’ve not missed it, especially waking up in the middle of the night simultaneously being massively dehydrated and needing a piss at the same time.

I will leave the thread now. I don’t feel qualified.


Done - the motherfucker is up. I’m putting that down as a score draw. It was easier than I remember on account of it being pre-lit, however it did poke me in the eye.

The Ayatollah is not talking to me on account of me telling her to stfu whilst trying to get the bastard to stand straight. Ungrateful cow.


Why can’t the Ayatollah stand straight? Pished?


Score draw with the tree, can be considered a good result, but more importantly, do you think you’ll complete the drinks checklist?


Second bottle open


Right - first glass of wine. No beer tonight. Weird (in a good way) Sauv Blanc with a decidedly apple taste.

Suspicious that Young Adult #2 may have given me a flat dry cider in a wine glass maybe :thinking:


Good man, but that reply was a while ago.
On the rum yet?


Zacapa 23


I am going out out tonight. With some work colleagues. This is not usual. We actually like each other and are willing to see each other outside of work.
We are off to some Cuban theme place so many rum cocktails are to be consumed and maybe try and throw some salsa shapes.


There was rum. Sadly lots of Bicardi but I avoided that. We had quite a few rum tasting rounds and several cocktails, Cuban street food (of course nothing like the food in Cuba) and some dancing. One of my colleagues grew up in Venezuela so is pretty good on the dance floor. I think we managed to keep up.

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