🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?



I could go. Oh how did they know that happens. Who has been following me?
In reality no advent calendar for me.


So we have llimitations on what we can move to Poland. I’m going to have to get through my (limited) wine cellar.
This was from Such an at CDG Airport and €5. I got it because we’d driven there from Saumur and had got decent local stuff from the vinyards there & I got a couple of special offers for my overnight hotel stop.
I have to say this is lovely.


I start from a very low level


I was actually asking for a friend who has delusions of adequacy and on nodding terms with an infant school headmistress.


Am in Berlin… about to drink beer.


However much you consume, drink more :grin:


Not really a Rum aficionado but when in Rome…

Bought a small bottle of spiced Rum at a tourist trap in Grenada on our recent Caribbean cruise. Poured a large one this evening and have been diluting it continually with Coke to try to lessen the potency and aroma of the Domestos-like elexir. Gallantly failing…does all spiced rum have this Listerine aroma.


Tourist trap was probably your problem.
My attempt at an easy way of highlighting(deleted post) was as much of a failure, so you’re in good company :wink:


Well I’m sticking with it as I spend $14 US on it and the guy who blended it, said I can simply refill it and the spiced residue will still be good to clean several manky oven linings. :lou_lol:


Think the issue is spiced rum. It can be a bit sickly and synthetic tasting.


Where am I


At this moment in time I can only speculate as to where you were.


Quite often uses cloves too which could be that ‘mouthwash’ taste.


Call me old fashioned but I like to keep my drinking and oral hygiene separate.


0420 Verlin





have you changed the title back again ?


Yep. I’m old school (and correct).



Drunk is for everyday not just Friday