🍻 Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?

:beers: Who is slightly pickled on a Friday night?


Been in the pub this afternoon- nearly home in time for dinner on the table.

Will need a wee in the bushes on way from station I think.



Some old neighbour’s what? :smiley:


Not the ones that used to park across your drive one hopes…


Ha, nope. This is from when we lived in Weybridge, so 6 years ago or so.


I’ve informed the police that they need to patrol Stoke D’Abernon train station…


Bloody auto-correct.


Eek. I’ve just been streamed live on FB globalky singing when I should have been typing cunts
Mind you we FVCKING rocked


Lebanese wine???

You just think they’re your friends.


Word to the wise. Get off a stop earlier at Oxshott easier to have a pee on the heath rather than on someone’s electric gates and get caught on the cctv.





Way to steal @saintbletch’s thunder, mate.


I’m pissed. Doesn’t make me a bad person though.


@saintbletch would say you’re a cunt though


He may well be right. :lou_smiley:


Didn’t like to say tbf :wink:


What a gentleman you are Still a few of us left.


Goodnight all!

Tomorrow and all that…


Actually Chateau Musar make some stunning (& expensive) reds. Chateau Ksara is the best/most affordable which i love. Bekka valley has made wine since Roman times. This was very good tbh.
But who let me drink 6 Bullfrogs last night? I’m too old for that shit


Too much snobbery around wine. Some of the worst I’ve had have been French.
Bulgarian Mavrud = lush.
Would love to try a bit of Lebanese :lou_wink_2: