What is the best Southampton chant EVER?

What is the best Southampton chant EVER?



We’re gonna win 7-6 etc

While 6-1 down at Anfield


I agree the ground is way to quiet at st Mary’s and half of the problem is most people there only know oh when the saints go marching in. The itchen and the northam ends are fine but the rest of the ground is silent.


You’ve forgotten the 'ello 'ello, Cobs :lou_angry:


The only time I’ve heard the whole ground chant in unison was We Want Rupert Out .


WTFILN was pretty epic the day we got promoted to the Prem


Eye eye eye eye Eric Martin is better than Yashin,

Mike Channon is better than Eusabio

And *United are in for a thrashin’…eye eye eye eye etc etc

*Usually a team who were likely to stuff 7 past us without reply.


He’s off to Brazil. He’s off to Brazil. Guly do Prado, he’s off to Brazil.

Sung near the end of season 2014.


Swing Lowe was quite a clever chant I thought. I mean, cos of the Clive Woodward thing.


Ah yes, dear old Guly do Prado. Possibly the worst Brazilian seen since David Blunkett had a bash at shaving his girlfriends minge. :lou_lol:


Nobody? OK, here’s the current repertoire. I’ve got the time.

When the Saints Go Marching In:

"Oh when the Saints,
Go Marching in,
Oh when the Saints go marching in,
I wanna be,
In that number,
Oh when the Saints go marching in."

x2 slowly, followed by

"Oh when the Saints!
(Oh when the Saints!)
Go marching in!
(Go marching in!)
I wanna be in that number,
Oh when the Saints go marching in!"

(To the tune of ‘Que Sera, Sera’):

“When I was just a little boy,
I asked my mother ‘What should I be’?
‘Should I be Pompey?’
‘Should I be Saints?’
Here’s what she said to me:
‘Wash your mouth out son,
Go get your father’s gun,
And shoot the Pompey scum,
And support the Saints’.
We hate Pompey!
We hate Pompey!”

(To the tune of ‘Land of Hope and Glory’):

“We all follow Southampton,
Over land and sea,
(And Portsmouth!)
We all follow Southampton,
On to victory.
All together now!”

Southampton Boys

“'Ello! Ello!
We are Southampton boys.
Ello! Ello!
We are Southampton boys.
And if you are a Pompey fan,
Surrender or you’ll die,
We all follow Southampton!”

Pompey Fan on a String

“When I was just,
A little boy,
My father bought me a brand new toy,
A Pompey fan,
On a string,
He told me to kick his fucking head in.
His fucking head in!
His fucking head in!
He told me to kick his fucking head in.”

(To the tune of ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean’):

"If I had the wings of a sparrow,
And the ass of a crow,
I’d fly over Fratton tomorrow,

And shit on the bastards below, below.
Shit on! Shit on!
Shit on the bastards below, below.

(To the tune of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’)

“If you all hate Pompey clap your hands!”
(clap clap)
“If you all hate Pompey clap your hands!”
(clap clap)
“If you all hate Pompey, all hate Pompey,
If you all hate Pompey clap your hands.”
(clap clap clap)

All Southampton

"And it’s all Southampton,
All Southampton FC,
We’re by far the greatest team,

The world has ever seen.
And it’s all Southampton…"

Red and White Barmy Army

“Red and White,
(Barmy Army!)”


(To the tune of ‘Auld Lang Syne’)

“Come on you reds,
Come on you reds,
Come on you reds, Come on.
Come on you reds,
Come on you reds,
Come on you reds,
Come on.”

(To the tune of ‘Winter Wonderland’)

“There’s only one Markus Liebherr,
One Markus Liebherr,
Walking along,
Singing a song,
Walking in a Liebherr wonderland.”

(To the tune of ‘Is This the Way to Amarillo’)

“Sha la la, la la lala la,
Sha la la, la la lala la,
Sha la la, la la lala la,
Who the fuck is laughing now?”


“Les Reed went to Europe,
To buy a Lamborghini,
Instead he bought a striker,
His name is Gabbiadini,
He scores goals with his left foot,
He scores goals with his right,
And when he scores another goal
We’ll sing this song all night.

Austin (to the tune of ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’)

“Charlie Austin’s red and white,
Red and white, red and white.
Charlie Austin’s red and white,
He hates Pompey.”

Austin (to the tune of ‘Glad All Over’ by Dave Clark Five)

"We say that we love you,
(Say that we love you),
Say that we need you,
(Say that we need you).

We’ve got Charlie Austin,
We’ve got,
Charlie Austin,
We’ve got,
Charlie Austin,
He scores goals, goals, goals."


Mario Lemina,
He’s a class midfielder,
He never gives the ball away.
1, 2, 3, 4…”

Cedric (to the tune of ‘She’s Electric’ by Oasis)

“He’s our Cedric,
Running down the right wing he’s electric,
He’s done things I never expected,
And he shits on Clyne.”

Davis (to the tune of ‘You Are My Sunshine’)

“You are my Davis,
My Steven Davis,
You make me happy, when skies are grey,
So fuck your Lampard and Steven Gerrard,
Please don’t take my Davis away.”


“Woa-oah, woa-oah,
Du-san Tad-ic.
Woa-oah, woa-oah,
Du-san Tad-ic.”


“Ori, Oriol,
Ori, Oriol,
Ori, Oriol,
Oriol Romeu.”


“Ohhhh, Pierre Hojbjerg,
One and only,
They said that he was finished if he stayed in Germany,
But now he’s on the south coast,
And he fucking hates Pompey.

Long (to the tune of ‘Hey Jude’)

“Nah nah nah nah nah nah,
Nah nah nah,
Shane Long…”

Ward-Prowse (to the tune of ‘The Hokey Cokey’)

“Oh, Prowsey Prowsey,
He’s used to be a skate but he’s alright now…”

**Yoshida/Gabbiadini (to the tune of ‘Seven Nation Army’ by The White Stripes). **

“Oh, May-a Yosh-ida,
Oh, May-a Yosh-ida…”

“Oh, Gabb-ia-di-ni,
Oh, Gabb-ia-di-ni…”


“Ole, ole ole ole,


gd work ant you legend :lou_lol:


There are no good football chants - we should sit and applaud politely


Pelligrino’s Red and White army…


Marians Pahars to the tune.of Kumbaya.

Used to enjoy that back in the day when everyone in the stadium got behind it.


My (and I think Turkish’s) favourite chant is the “He’s got a Mars bar, on his head” to the tune of He’s Got the Whole World in His Hand. Megalolz.


Was that Pahars? I used to sit in the Archers just singing Kumbaya. People used to look when I went beyond the first verse and started singing about someone laughing and do the laugh sound but if something is worth singing, it is worth singing right.


Laaaaa, la, la, la-la-la-la, Shane Long, Shane Long


Now I feel stupid as my teenager has pointed out that Ant had already put the Longy song in … I’m taking my pipe and slippers upstairs, time for bed.


Too right


You’ve not only let yourself down CD you’ve let Young Tyke down.

I think you can only redeem yourself as a good father in his eyes (maybe…) is by buying him something very very expensive and a takeaway of his choice.

Just sayin.