⚽ The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2018

:soccer: The Sotonians Fantasy Football League 2018


I’ve just looked right to the bottom of my sympathy bag, and you’re out of luck Scrabble Saint.

You’re just one more I have to climb over to win!


Wait, woah there horsey, is that @Bearsy??


I’ll be looking back over my shoulder to see you all back in the distance after this weekend…*

Just sayin’.

**probably not

(Edit : the asterisks were right in the original, but seem to have got lost in posting @saintbletch)


Cheers Bob - technofucktard strikes again!



Hazard on the bench! Piss off!

Armstrong benched - comes on late gets me 1 point.
Schurrle doesnt play.

I’m happy if either Saints OR my fantasy team do well (not sure I’ve ever experienced both of them doing well). So far I’ve had shit from both.


First few weeks are always a bit tricky, half of my team from week one decided to fuck off injured.


I feel angry, @gavstar


I feel happy if either Saints or my fantasy team does well or your fantasy team does badly.

So all good here.


I see that I have 27 points. Not bad for my first week, so far…

Vardy has given me -1 point. He’s a :mapoftasmania: and shall be dropped…


FFS - Schurrle played 2 mins. So that means he gets subbed in for Hazard and along with Armstrong and Jota, makes a midfield trio who get me 1 point each. Fucking fucking cuntish wankers. Football pricks.


Haha hazard comes on as sub again and gets another assist! Fuck you! And Alonso gets me 10 points. Still shit though


Aguero captain. I’m going to fucking win the league!


Me too, Aguero as captain that is, not going to win the league


Oh, oh, who won this week then??


Fuck off Bob

I’m one week behind everyone & had 2 players sent off (Vardy & Wan-Bissaka)




Aguero captain. Four points, the silly fuck.



EDIT: But at least I’ve got the excuse that I got up too late to change my team. For dull disclosure I would have captained Aguero anyway - but at least I’ve got the excuse.


I had a decent Sunday and ended up with a respectable score. I’ve got one player to play and I have fingers crossed for a hat trick of goals, some assists and MOTM/bonus points.


It appears that although I started a week late and being rock bottom last week I have moved up 3 places this week.

I’m still on to win the league…


Typical me, not looked at it since Putting my team together