😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Forgetting what it was could also count as a little annoyance, so you’ve got a double-hit there.


A double hit could also be a little annoyance, a triple whammy, maybe having 3 annoying things happen at once should have a name, hmmmm… when you’re annoyed you have a ‘bee’ in your bonnet, three things together is a triple or ‘trips’ in poker…

got it ‘BTripz’! e.g. ‘FFS I’ve had a right BTripz today, the dog shat on the carpet, then I stubbed my toe on the table chasing him, then I stepped in the shit, never had a BTripz like it :lou_angry:.’



Going for three ISO registrations all at once.
Banging onto staff about how rigorously I will enforce the new procedures and they better not forget it, blah blah, blah.
Forgetting to implement some of my own fucking procedures which get picked up in the dummy audit and are the only non-compliances.
Looking like a massive twat.


You’ve had a right BTripz there.


You are indeed correct, @gavstar, you’re talents are wasted here. Now why don’t you do us all a favour and go somewhere where they are appreciated.


When you get this and it’s still going Prime & You Tube are fine


When you order something from Amazon whilst your PC is connected to your VPN.

Amazon then decide your account has been hacked, cancel your order, force you to change your password and also re-enter your card details when you next place an order!

Pleased that they’re being secure but they could have phoned me up first!

BTW this wasn’t my @BTripz moment!!


Ah got it!

Grey nasal hairs, that is all!!


If thy nasal hairs do offend thee, pluck them out and cast them from thy person. That’s what it says in the Bible.


Southampton Football Club Ticket Office announcing that they are putting the Watford away tickets on sale tomorrow and also advising us that the game will be moved if Watford are in the 6th rd of the FA Cup ( they play QPR at the weekend).
Why not leave it a week rather than have to give refunds to everyone that can’t go midweek?

Fucking idiots!!


trying to find a thread on here that has not been spammed by a poster ad nauseum


Sorry @tigger, should I take a posting break do you think?


Nope, you I would miss




TART Bobsy !


When you think the match has finished and it was only half time.


And no goals do far…


Id like to thank everyone who shared their time, food, company, booze and support last week at Mums funeral.
But the fvcker that gave us both Flu can just fvck right off.


Man United lose a football match and it’s like the end of the world to the British media


There were all getting wet yesterday saying Utd were now serious contenders to win the champions league, what a difference 24 hours makes :rofl: