😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


After several pints of Vibrant Forest 5%.

Mistaking frozen baby carrots for Sweet Potato oven chips. 20 mins later… interesting!


Upvote for drunken culinary stupidity- but are sweet potato oven chips even a real thing?

If so, why?

More importantly, would you really buy such things yourself?


a) Yes
b) Taste better than normal ones.
c) Bloody easy to cook when arriving home pissed. As long as you don’t fall asleep.



Except when they’re baby carrots?


Nothing wrong with roast baby carrots


Hippy Vegan


I have a mate who lives in Norman, Oklahoma. They have wild temperature fluctuations. One day it’s 25f with the wind from Canada in the north, the next day the wind comes up from Mexico in the south and it’s 75f. This is normal…they haven’t a clue what’s going on. On top of that they are slap bang in the middle of Tornado Alley.

He wants out.


It for the reasons you’ve given and geography

Have a read:


Always good to research the neighbourhood before moving into it



Yeah he and I know the reasons…he was transferred there for work. He’s trying to get a transfer to the UK…he knows about our weather too. :lou_wink:


Ours is much worse - you just can’t plan. It’s different every day. You can get spring, summer, autumn and winter in the same day - almost.

At least out there you know what you’re going to get. Not necessarily with good warning though.


I went to New Jersey once upon a time. Arrived to t-shirt weather. Woke up to snow the next day


Haven’t had a day under 30C yet this year . In fact I’m not sure the evenings have dropped past 20C either!
Perfect golf weather (apart from the humidity…).
Hottest January ever for Australia. Northern Queensland is in the midst of a once in a hundred year flood…meanwhile Southern Queensland has had less than 20mm of rain and everything is turning brown!


At least Poland is consistent so far.


Sat in the office waiting for the fannies to start ringing in

There is nothing worse that a boss who is a martyr :lou_sunglasses:


And we have a winner…

and unfortunately for them I drove past the bottom of their road on the way in

They have now reappraised their decision and will be at their desk in 30 minutes


Coming home just now and finding that our street has had its power cut off due to “essential work” being done 2 roads away.

Waiting for the call to be an emergency ambulance for neighbouring OAP’s, whilst deciding whether to hit the pub early, so as to watch the cricket. After yesterday’s performance, that isn’t the obvious course of action.


Just turned my :saints: calender over for February…


Don’t worry…he’s waving goodbye. :lou_lol:


Just wait till March.


At least there are only 28 days