😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


When your Cat gets her ticket and then the staff spelt your surname wrong when they booked your accompanying pet flight on non changeable tickets



I will now be stuck on the train to work tomorrow having to listen to Cobham locals banging on about how great Chelski are & that they and their kids have always supported Chelski…and isn’t it great their training ground is in Cobham. Ffs! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:




Thankfully not a usual occurrence but one that has stayed with me a bit today and therefore a bit annoying.
I witnessed the aftermath of a man being tazered today. Had headed into a cafe to get lunch and was waiting in the window area when I noticed a guy in the road and 3 police officers. I was a bit confused about it and hadn’t realised he’d been tazered. One man in the cafe with his little boy was saying ‘welcome to Walthamstow’ to him.
I watched as the tazer wore off and the guy started to get up and a cop got in to cuff him. There were about 4 cops now. Then several of the officers carefully removed the wires from him. There were now two police cars and a van had appeared. Things seemed ok and he was heading towards the van and then his sister appeared and this seemed to kick him off. Another van appeared. He was then pushed up against the van by 4 cops. Another trying to get the girlfriend and sister away. One cop was chewing gum which didn’t give the best impression. I managed to sneak out of cafe as this was pretty much by the door. As I walked up the road back to work another police van drove by and got stuck in the traffic jam caused by the 2 police van further down the road.
I heard the sister say it was all over an argument. Hmm. Really? Just an argument. Seems a bit extreme. Unless it’s a massive mistaken identity or possibly racial targetting.


You mention racial targeting right at the end. Are you saying it was a black guy? I assumed it wasn’t. Weird huh?


did you assume it was a scottish person like I did?


I was finkin’ Oirish, t’be sure…


Naaa…definitely a fuckin’ skate.


I had Chav in my mind, especially when the missus joined in


Packing Tape


Life sucks


Cheer up Tigger. It’s a beautiful day.


Had to have my dog put to sleep yesterday, right now no day is a beautiful one


:sleepy: I’m crying for you @tigger we’re still mourning our boy who passed away in October. Let me know if you want a Cocker Spaniel…two litters on the way in Feb and we’re having a little lady.





Creepy? Maybe


Definitely- keep up with the times Bob


Just as i thought life would be getting a bit cheaper, my daughter has just shown me the accommodation prices for uni.
I need a drink, but can’t even do that, as i have to drive her back to her mother’s later. Maybe for the best, as it looks like i’ll have to get used to not being able to afford it for the next 4 years.


Welcome to my world - I feel your pain @Saint-or-sinner

Young Adult #1 already at Uni and Young Adult #2 due to go in September - assuming he pulls his finger out and passes his A levels.

Double whammy :lou_sad:



So a mate helped us out. :sunglasses:
But now our airfreight shipment will be delivered to the in laws while we are still flying seems it’s gone 1st class!