😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Everybody at work knows that every keystroke they make is monitored.

I open the internet every day at work then open facebook so the internet police have something to watch.

I do not delete emails as I know they have already been recorded by the server.

I am very polite at work and only call a caucasian a white man if he knew what i was on about.


Who on here, Male, still sleeps in the same space that the wife allows them when the wife is not in the bed?

I do I have my 6 inches of safe space and I am sticking to it.


Realising you’ve double booked some gigs again.


Mr Tigger entering his second childhood when he hasn’t finished his first…


Nope. I bundle over to her side of the bed quite a bit. I often eat biscuits or toast there.


All men are boys. We just have better toys.


Don’t hold your breath Tiggs…I can tell you, you’re in for the loooong haul…they don’t get any better. :lou_lol:


Ahem. Does this include viewing websites of a wholesome and healthy adult nature whilst in incognito mode on a work PC? Asking for a friend?


The second childhood is somewhat of a damp squib, you are not really sure how to maximise its potential. The third and fourth childhoods, however, you have your eye in and, consequently, are fucking ace.


My partner is a big kid a lot of the time. I wonder how he manages to have such a sensible and important job.


I am on my 5th and it’s no better


At what age do these further childhoods generally start? I’ don’t think i’ve really experienced one yet as i’ve generally been a juvenile twat my whole life.


Every 10 years regadless off what has happened


I think your problem is you have failed to notice the small windows of sensible adulthood that inhabit the space between the childhoods (to be fair in your case they sound like they could be rather small and you may have missed them if you happened to be sleeping at the time)


I think you may be right


Oh my God there are more???


I’ve already told you Tigs it doesn’t get any better. I’m looking forward to the final bib and nappies era.

I’ve already tried to get my mates to buy second hand mobility scooters to fuck up the youngster’s Friday lunchtime pub drinking sessions. :lou_lol:


There’s no need to bitch, FFS.


A friend once sold software that monitors every keystroke on any computing device. It hacked an NSA Computer on location on Aircraft Carrier in a controlled demo in 30 seconds.
And you think private mode helps?


No, my friend has no idea, that’s why i asked on his behalf.