😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Not to Ambrosia Creamed Rice surely ?



Chistmas Kareoke

With only Tagalog songs


No, Ambrosia is food of the Gods of course but I though I’d bring you all down to earth with a bump.


That’s how I met Mrs D_P 11 years ago!
Staggered into the bar where she worked and saved her from a table of guys singing Tagalog love songs by singing the Xmas classics!


Mahal na Mahal Kita

Would have been one of them :slight_smile:


Cold Toilet Seats.


As sensibly as one can in the framework of your activity being predicated on an ability to predict the future.


It’s my own fault. Being vegan and going to a hotel buffet in Gran Canaria. Salad followed by a plate of carbs.
I probably could have inhaled the smoked salmon and cream cheese roulade. :persevere:


Dear Amazon trader, I am an annoying little shit who would like one of your specialist “Radar” keys to take advantage of Disabled Toilets…thanks for making these keys openly available to whoever wants them.
Disabled Toilets - radar key


More a sadness of everyday life.
Went to see Mum on way to the birthday party in hospital.
She was very distressed (hospital, not going to get out).
She’d become very dehydrated and for a while it was touch and go.
They got fluids into her we still went for dinner but very down.
Hopefully she will still be with us in the morning. She was less distressed and in less pain and finally sleeping when we left.
Hope she makes it. 2 of her Grandkids going to see her tomorrow
Fuck Dementia


I really do feel for you mate…it’s a very difficult time, my Mum was the same. Sometimes all you can do is just hug them when they are distressed and confused. No right way or wrong way coping with this.


Thanks LITSL. Not easy, and much tougher on the girls in the family.


How does “goal hanger” Kane deserve an MBE along with honours to approx 30% of the remainder who are “personalities”, people who ride bikes for a living or are MPs? Loads of unsung heroes though, which is great.

You might have guessed that this frigging list annoys the fuck out of me.


When the only store in London that has the boots your wife has wanted for a year is on Oxford Street.
And you have to go there on the Saturday after Christmas to collect them.
Yes I know…
No they don’t deliver to Poland or Dubai, where they are not sold. No we won’t be anywhere in UK we could collect any time soon.


You have lots of London based Saints on this list who, I’m sure, would be more than happy to help!!


Family called in to the problem now :wink:
Next stage was tour guide to her BFFs arrrgh finally managed to slide away into The Red Lion opposite Downing Street for a well deserved London Pride or 6
May relocate to the pickled thread if they are delayed hopefully


More airport security tales.
This time my partner was swabbed down (I dont think his shirt helps matters - Bletch-esque).
Then the elderly German couple in front with the two bottles of beer and a water in her handbag (all over 100ml and not in a bag).
Just take away their passports and we can just breeze through security.


I got swabbed down trying to leave Croatia this summer because I had a pen, bought in Bosnia, made out of a used bullet casing.

Clearly not a security risk by any stretch of the imagination.

Mrs C_S wasn’t best pleased when I argued with the security guys. Luckily I didn’t get a full body cavity search…

I didn’t bring the pen home. Probably being resold yet again by the security guards cousin…


Cunts keep stopping me for no reason at customs too. I’m usually pretty smart, suit and that. Not sure what their fucking issue is.


It’s the shoes.