😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Vodka and garlic, or so my mother in law used preach


A recipe I use myself for everything :lou_lol:


Finding out breakfast in said gastro pub in Sandbach starts at 7am. The exact time I’m being picked up by a colleague to go to a meeting.


At least he’s only staying in. Travelodge on the M6 somewhere :+1:


I’ll just leave it there.


You should start a new thread: ‘‘People - The Ramifications’’


So I worked in different office today. Usually this means it’s a bit quieter but I have to deal with anyone who comes into the office. I dealt 4 (out of 5) colleagues cases. One of them I was giving guidance on how to deal with the case. I’m shattered but off out tonight. Doh.


Maybe retitle this thread to Intiniki’s hates everything.
Me again.
Lack of sleep followed by a meeting for a colleague and being put on the spot about a case that’s not mine.
I may be chatting rubbish on the slightly pickle thread later from a train to Southampton.


Train boozing is great, I love getting mashed on trains :lou_smiley:


It’s not something I usually do but it’s been a heck of a week.


I’m on a train and mashed. Got mashed this afternoon tbf.

Fuck, dejavu or whatever. Pretty sure this happened this time last week…


Modern pub conversations…
Hang on this could be a new thread…

Ffs. I just started watching xxx xxx on Netflix and they just released The Bodyguard (or whatever)


Mrs D_P knocks it out the park sinhing Poison by Slice Cooper.
Then gets chatted up by the resident Lesbian chicks

And I get her free beer .
Does it get better than this?
As shit they just left without me.



Your lesbian chicks aren’t my ex wife and friend are they? as they did the same to me


That takes me back. Great song, made even greater by the fact that in 1968 it was so fresh, never been done before. From the 80s onwards just about everything you hear is a variation of something that had been done in the 60s. IMHO of course.


Getting a coffee from our in house coffee shop and getting this

It’s the 1st of November FFS



Again another meltdown didn’t affect me this time but what a bunch of cocks


Think I’m a bit jaded with attending interviews and now my brain is just mush. Have thought about all the things I should have said. Argghh


Sounds like drink time :beers:


Some cunt in my road has got christmas lights up.