😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Having just re-read your last sentence of that post maybe not…


Struggling with a case. I feel we should spend a bit of money on the case to avoid larger costs later.


I consider myself quite lucky in some respects, I have always had jobs fall into my lap when I have needed them, but I have also been able to walk away from jobs that aren’t working out. If I’m not helping let me know. I don’t feel like I’m helping…


Silly Intiniki, cutting costs right now and reducing spending is priority for social care and NHS, didn’t anyone tell you?


Nah its good man, I’ve been posting this stuff to get different perspectives. I’ve been trying get thoughts from as many different folk as possible.

Just got a message off a friend and former colleague, who I respect very much (he had said this offer felt ‘off’). Turns out he knows someone that works at the company in question. This person is overworked, underpaid and doing jobs that aren’t his at all. Fuck me that is a relief. Feeling slightly better already.


Sounds like you’ve dodged a bullet, I don’t even like doing my jobs let alone some other fucker’s jobs too.


There you are…your instincts are good, listen to them. :lou_lol:


You need to get to the pub pronto



I’m off to a gig tonight with some old friends and former colleagues (including the aforementioned chap that’s been giving some sound advice - certainly owe him a couple of beers!).

Many beers will be taken.


So what pushed you over the edge - if you’re happy to share that is?


I have long had a history of terrorising cold callers. I’m sure I’m on a list somewhere.

I’ve had a couple of people phone me up lately, with thick Indian accents. The first chap asked me about an accident I’d been in. I confirmed that I had been in an accident, a telephone accident, and that someone had crashed into my phone fifteen seconds ago.

“Actually, it was fourteen seconds ago”, he says, before doing a mic drop. You can’t help but chuckle, especially when it sounded so cool in that brogue.

The second fella starts off by saying “Hello, my name is Edward Robinson”.

Aware of corporate attempts to bridge the continental gap, by getting call centre peeps to watch Eastenders and anglicise their names, I say “that is a top English name, sir”.

He says “Yes, I’m loving it!” brilliantly enthusiastically, and again, it sounds great in that accent.

I’m starting to identify with my cold calling offshore captors. It’s only a matter of time before someone tells me “we have detected virus on your computer” and I believe them.


Agents who chase you for a CV that they need to get to a client urgently, then go on paternity leave and give you the contact details of someone else in the organisation who doesn’t get back to you.


When you feel like your coming down with some lurgy and it’s a week away to a week off. And in that week it’s pretty busy with cases.


#metoo - oh, wait :lou_facepalm_2:

The sniffles.




I live in the first world when it come to this sort of problem



I’m not surprised if you are still wearing those glasses.


Not been happy in my work for a while and fallen out of love with it, time for a break or maybe do something a bit different :lou_smiley:


Great you are in a position to do it.

Hope you land on your feet soon.



I mostly do, I’ve even landed on my face a couple of times but still managed to bounce back :lou_sunglasses: