😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


I’ve had to do several presentations for jobs. There are also tests on the day. Sometimes a case scenario, threshold decisions and observing me with a service user (actor).


Hello sailor :lou_is_a_flirt:


Welcome to the club - for the latter obviously


To be honest, as I’m no longer a spring chicken if a recruiter came to me and says I have to do a test or a presentation to get a job then as my industry is very small I’d ask who the main interviewer is and if I knew them give them a call, tell them to stop being a dick and meet them in the pub.

Edit: forgot to add - haven’t used a recruiter in years


We’ve asked for presentations before, 30 to 90 day plans if it is a new area for us

It is more about seeing how you think, if you can formulate a plan and then present your ideas with clarity and persuasively

It also is a good filter for weeding out tyre kickers - particularly as no shows for interviews appears to be at an all time high

We also use interviews as an opportunity to gather market intelligence in the market and competitors. There is always a job though - let’s be honest, finding talent is hard enough - if you meet someone good, you can always find a role for them.


Just been told the job I applied for 2 year ago where I work has come up. The perfect job. A 5 min commute to work and no running around the borough. The manager had said that let me know went came up. He didn’t. Maybe I should get the hint.


The missus’ continuing assertion that I am an utterly dumb bastard that doesn’t know what he is doing.


I get out of the bath yesterday morning, and whack last night’s boxers on, as not to prance about the house with the tackle out and horrify any neighbours / daughters that may bear witness.

I then go on a hunt for fresh boxers.

Explaining my mission to the missus, she remarks:-

You’ve got boxer shorts on!

Now this requires me to be a special level of stupid. In her world, I either don’t know I’m wearing boxer shorts or I’m planning to put two pairs on. Double bagging it, like.

I simply tell her to fuck off and leave the room with whatever dignity I had left. I ended up finding clean boxer shorts.


My wife was like that.
She is no longer my wife.
I married Mrs D_P because she understands shit like that


So, last night I slept straight through for 13 hours. Utterly shattered.
Today I knew would be tidy up unpack, sort shit out and washing day.
Which it has been.
Equally it has been totally re-write a business plan day.
One would of those tasks would have been a tough ask in one day. Both have left me wondering what I missed.

Ah yes food and liquid intake. Oh shit and I need a cigarette… Not even time for that today!


World Nomads

The Millenial’s go-to Travel Insurance Company.
Who have just rejected my claim for insurance to cover a cancelled flight.
It seems their web site is quite clear that on page 8,967 section 475 paragraph 632m, there is very fine print that says they actually cover nothing UNLESS you live in Australia.

So I’m out of pocket at a time when I desperately needed at least SOME of that cash back.

So kindly add to your bunch of rip off merchants Travel Nomads. They do not cover any flight delays or cancellation in EU no matter what it says when you fill in the form and print it off.

I COULD sue in the UK under misrepresentation but then I am not a resident.



Flirting is hard work eh? :lou_wink_2:


Bombard social media? - seems to work for other massively less worthy causes


South Western Railway- on strike tomorrow
Waterloo and City Line tube strike tomorrow

Have a key supplier meeting in the office tomorrow

Gonna conference call instead

Fucking modern IT kit, gotta love it!

Chin! Chin!


dropped my glasses down the loo today.


Aw shit!


thankfully a flushed toilet with no er shit in it. Thoroughly washed glasses though.


Still, I’d want to get some antibacterial wipes on them says OCD Man :man:


So, kinda sort of made a decision.

Have rejected the permanent offer, the one where the project sounded great, but the offer was pretty crap.

Fuck knows if it is the right decision, but I’m so tired of agonising over it and trying to talk myself into something that on paper sounded great, but just doesn’t feel right.

God I hope I am making the right decision. I’d love to be able to shed this fucking anxiety and crippling self-doubt and just make a decision without weeks of angst. I’m so envious of people that are able to just fucking do something.


I didn’t go for the interview I had today as didn’t feel it was right for me (he pay was also quite bad). Whether that was a good idea. Who knows? Hope it all goes well for you.


If it makes you feel better I have just handed in my notice (about 10 minutes ago) without having another job to go into :crazy_face: