😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


When the 2nd apartment you’ve booked for Xmas week on hols is cancelled. A week after booking as allegedly it was double booked on another site. Yeah yeah. Hopefully my partner will get back the money we’ve already paid. So I find another one. Go to book it. Then I get a text from my bank asking if I did that. Yeah I did, thanks for checking. But that payment may have not gone through.
Never go away at Christmas unless you’ve booked it way in advance. The panic to find a place is not fun and of course double the usual price.


When Wetherspoons run out of Punk IPA.



Serves you right…no decent drinker would dream of frequenting Plasticspoons.


I’ve just paid £2.25 for a pint of Shipyard IPA ( a pale (if you’ll excuse the pun) imitation of Punk IPA).

You can call it anything you like and I’ll still be drinking here.


Dont mind a shipyard, personally.


Yeah, same here. It’s just not got the oomph of a Punk IPA.


Having another interview this week. Too tired to prep for it. Got to a point where I don’t care for any of the jobs I’m going for nor the one I’m doing. But the partner won’t let me leave and let me be a kept woman. So selfish. :smile:


Know that feeling.

Still agonising myself.

Not being helped by one of the agents being an utter arse.

Email from him today:

“As I’ve said I think ‘company 1’ (as above) would be the better move for your career. ‘Company 2’ haven’t worked on the best stuff and im not sure how it affects you if you look again after.”

Obviously changed the names, but yeah. Guess which company he is representing? Manipulative shit.

Got another interview next week too, they want me to do a shit load of prep before hand too :man_facepalming:


I have just seen my old job advertised. I liked it (a few issues as anywhere has). I was happier. I’d get 4 extra days leave too. This time it looks permanent. Last time it was fixed term. I may see what happens with this interview as deadline is next weekend.


Yep man speaks with forked tongue


I’m genuinely interested in what prep you’ve been asked to do, KRG. Not being obtuse, it’s just that when i was an employee I can’t remember ever being asked to do prep for an interview, other than a bit of research into the place and the type of projects they carried out, which wasn’t really important as half the time it never came up.

The best interview I ever had was with (my eventual) Regional Surveyor who was Australian. I turned up suited and booted and full of enthusiasm. After bluffing on for about 10 minutes he was getting noticeably bored and cut the interview short with;

“So, do you reckon you can do this job?”
“Errr, yes, i am very well suited to…”
“Yeah, OK, start in a month, but don’t fuck it up or you’ll be looking for another one a month after that”

I stayed there for four years until they relocated.

Good luck, by the way. Hope all goes well for you.


Yeah, this piqued my interest too, I’ve never been asked to do prep or presentations for any job I’ve interviewed for…


No probs, certainly wouldn’t have read it as obtuse.

For this one, they have asked I download and play their game (I won’t name it). They then want me to create a 10 page presentation with two parts.

  1. Deconstructing the game from the perspective of the role I am up for. Looking at things like the core loop of the game, how it makes money, how it retains players etc.

  2. Then they want me to design and pitch a potential new feature for the game to help increase monetisation. Outlining what it is and how it works, argue why it would work, and any potential negative outcomes on other areas of the game.

This is fairly common. I had an interview this summer where the recruiters wanted me to design and pitch 4 different ideas - A Live Op (a time limited event) in their game to increase monetisation, a new mechanic, a tutorial and something else I can’t remember. They asked I spend 2 hours on it, and were then surprised that the pitch was high level, and not fully fleshed out.

The biggest pisstake was a (pretty big) company that asked me to Design a level for a fictional game based on The Simpsons. I spent 10 hours on this, then heard nothing for 2 months - despite a number of emails asking for some sort of feedback. They then made up some excuse and said they were restarting the hiring process, and that I would have to reapply. They then asked me to do the entire thing again, this time with a Star Wars theme (I may have asked about this on here, actually?). That really pissed me off.


No nothing about your business, but do you ever wonder if there’s no job, but they’ve found a cheap way to get loads of highly skilled people to give them ideas?


Great minds think alike @Saint-or-sinner (or is that fools seldom differ??)


It has crossed my mind, but I’m always careful to get written confirmation that they cannot use my ideas if they don’t hire me.


If you’re joining my thinking, probably the latter :lou_facepalm_2:


Thanks KRG. Crikey, that seems intense. The cynic in me thinks they are after some free work from quality candidates.


It’s why I chuckle when people act as though my job is easy, or that anyone could do it. It’s a fucking mission just getting in the door!

n.b. Obviously, it is game design. It’s not by any stretch the hardest job in the world. Countless people work a lot harder, in far worse conditions, for a lot less rewards. I’m not for one minute suggesting I have it all that bad.


You’re not kidding. I have to replace 3 rotten panels in my garden shed…it’s going to take me the rest of the week. I could get a splinter. :lou_sad: