😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Not sure that will do him many favours popularity wise


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Hi used to be with vodaphone and left as They were a bit pricey. They tried to keep me and at the time I think Beckham was in their ads. I told them that was another reason to leave.


Right, so there have been developments. Like the proverbial buses, 2 offers have come along.

Offer 1 - A really cool company, only about 15 people, doing pretty cutting edge stuff. All new to me, and it’s a step up in terms of responsibilities (i.e going from Mid-Level to Senior). The project they are starting also sounds right up my street. Issue is, the starting salary is a very small rise on my current - but factoring benefits, bonus etc - it will be a not insignificant pay cut. It is a Perm Role.

Offer 2 - Another small company, seem really nice folks. They are looking to expand into the area I’ve been working for the last few years, so I’m very confident I could do this job. They aren’t actually hiring atm, so have no headcount. They have offered to make me a contractor until they have a perm position available. Obviously this is riskier, and the job is not quite as interesting (albeit still a cool challenge to get to help them start on a new path), but the day rate would equate to almost double what I am on now.

How the fuck do you go about deciding which is the better option?


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You lost me at pay cut.


Yeah it’s not ideal. Trying to use the other offer to get them to use it a bit.


Maybe you should bump the really ‘‘helpful’’ and ‘‘informative’’ ‘‘careers advice’’ thread :lou_wink_2:


I’m using those quotation marks saaaaarcaaaaarstically of course as that was a terrible thread and won’t help you at all.


Yeah, I did start writing in that thread, then thought it may be best to leave that one alone.


maybe one day when I’m feeling nostalgic I’ll go back an have a read through it :crazy_face:


The cases that are given to me. Not because of the awfulness of them, but because they shouldn’t even have been sent through to us. No wonder we struggle with case loads. My role is to filter out some of the not so concerning cases but I am getting cases where they could have been dealt with at a lower level. Thankfully I have an interview elsewhere on Friday.


So company 1 have refused to move. It works out at over a 10% paycut.

I know it’s not all about the money, but it is concerning that they will be paying about £10k under the going rate. Also, I’m told you only really get decent pay bumps by moving companies - which factoring in the step up in responsibility isn’t great.

It’s frustrating they wont move at all, and it doesn’t leave a great taste before potentially joining.

To compound all this, the agent involved is now getting arsey with me, as he is starting to suspect I may reject the offer so obviously no £££ for him. The last thing I said to him yesterday was that I want to speak to company #2 to get more details about the offer (which felt reasonable to me), and he’s trying to talk me out of it, saying “it’s your career, I’m just trying to help you make the most of it”.

Life is too much fucking effort.


He doesn’t give a flying fuck about you, just wants to meet his “sales” target.

Why else would he be pushing you to take a pay cut???


Oh I’ve no doubt about that.


Assuming that you don’t NEED the money, which job will give you the most satisfaction, and which job will enable you to have the best work/life balance?
If the answer to both those questions is the same job, then you know the answer. If not…I’d go with the money.


I’m being a bit of a diva, granted. I’ll still be fine, and compared to many earning decent money.

But it is frustrating, even when trying to negotiate I asked them to get closer to my current. Not even a rise.

Annoyingly, that is the job I probably did want. Now, I’m not so sure. It’s not just about my pay - but it does give you reason to pause. As I said before, why are they paying about £10k less than the going rate? Are they skint? Could they go under if something goes wrong (studio closures are pretty common)? Do they not care about their staff? Etc


My thinking is they also have to show, they want you. Why are they quibbling over increasing their offer if it’s YOU they want.


Yeah, that has come to my mind too. Over the course of the year, what I am asking for is peanuts to them - but what they are offering to me will mean I have to make cut backs and lifestyle changes (i.e. less gigs, less records, less trainers - very first world problems, granted).


There’s a lack of respect being shown here and its not you asking for the going rate.