😠 The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life

:angry: The Little Annoyances Of Everyday Life


Is it not very good then? That’s the impression I get reading between the lines.


Everyone slags off all the TV suppliers but I’ve been with VIrgin Media for quite a few years now and it seems to be OK. Broadband is lightyears ahead of BT shite…I get 200mb/sec and you can get 2 V6 boxes with some packages.

Just giving us 4k TV Channels this week for no extra charge.


Its gasher than a gash thing


on National Gash Day?


OK, that has just interested me, 2 V6 boxes, and you pay how much for the second one?


Interviews eh? :frowning:


They do it in “Bundles” eg “VIP Bundle” is £89 per month for 12 months then £129 per month for 12 months.


My mummy would be very upset to hear you dissin’ her little boy like that :smiley:


If you do, do that, then I am afraid that we are done. :grin:


Apparently we need a booster because the Shiity hub is too crap to beam a signal 20 feet to the shitty Sky Q box. This is despite the fact is can see the neighbours sky hub three doors down.

I smell bullshit


Glen Murray


Anthony Taylor and Shane Duffy (didn’t he used to be in Boyzone??)


When you do well in the test of an interview (which is what the work will predominantly involve) but don’t quite ace it in the questions that aren’t about the work involved.
Ah well more experience in the interview bank.


I have a long list of recruitment woes, largely to do with agents.

  • Agents that use adjectives to describe a job’s salary rather than numbers.
  • Agents that don’t settle their accounts within 14 days (otherwise, what’s the point of using them)
  • Agents that don’t settle within 14 days, but offer “helpful” options such as a 5% cut for settling them earlier.


See above


BBC sport getting “all excited” about the Champions’ League starting again, and stating that the competition is the “most open” for a long time (How they have come to that conclusion without a ball being kicked is beyond me though…)


And starting ridiculously early (5:55pm)


Of course, this is UEFAs new drive to have different time slots for the matches (a la Europa league) so more people will watch.

Well Mr UEFA I have news for you…


More people in the EU will be able to watch at a reasonable time, it’s not as if the unemployed in the UK have anything better to do…and no, it’s nothing to do with Brexit.



Oh tish and pish young man…I think I’ll give it a go on Virgin Media’s new 4k channel. :lou_wink_2: