🍻🍷 The Booze-Up thread, not the ‘show us your meat’ thread

Will we not just make Sonia Allison rich? She seems a little obsessed with microwaves… As do you!

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Looks like his lordship papster was on the sauce for some considerable time

His typing is far too good to have been totally sh!t faced FFS. I couldn’t even switch the computor on after the Liverpool game. Mind you it was daylight when we called it a day :confused:


You shitfaced bastards…while you were pissing it up I was laid in a darkened room nursing the mother of all head colds/manflu.

Had a late night cup of hot chocolate and three spoonfuls of “Conovia Night Time Formula” which promptly brought on an uncontrolled bout of coughing which lasted about 30 minutes. Woop de doo. :lou_angry:


And we are at it again for Saturday night you malingering stay in bed weakling.

Had some beers at work, then went to Winterville in Victoria Park with the gf. Some nice mulled wine.

Came home slightly cut, decided to make a Baileys, with some Tia Maria & Vodka. Added some coffee and milk. Repeated several times.

Now getting ready to drive gf to Gatwick. Buzzin. Can’t wait. This is going to be great fun. FFS. Present KRG hates past KRG.

My relationship with alcohol is very different from most here.

I don’t drink from one week to the next, I never drink alone, and I can go weeks without drinking anything alcoholic, but then when I do drink I drink for effect.

The advantage of such a feast or famine approach to imbibement is that I’m a cheap date; I get pissed really quickly.

The disadvantage is that I get pissed really quickly and tend to make a complete twat of myself.

Having said all that, I’ve recently found myself fantasising about Punk IBA from BrewDog.

Blame ant for that.


I used to do that approach, bletch. I ended the practice after a couple of embarrassing Christmas nights out. One on, a mate held me upright after I’d passed out in the street, slapping me across the face and screaming shandy in my ear. On another, I fell over on a rocky, gravelly driveway, woke up with a big cut in my palm, scrazes on my face and no idea where my glasses were.

My boss drew me a “treasure map” indicating my last known position. The glasses were recovered thereafter.

Maintaining a tolerance has its benefits too.


Ah the joys of a month offshore completely dry and then a month onshore completely wet.

The day you get back to the beach 3 small beers and your larrie as fuck. 28 days later two gallon’s plus a bottle of the hard stuff and your wondering when the party is going to begin. and worrying about the pink elephants due to attend on the 3rd day of sobriety.


It’s margarita o’clock!

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I have a Hawkes Bay Sav , a few hand crafted (another pinko extreme left shite word) ciders and a bottle of Aldi Champagne in the fridge. I’ll see to them later.

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I’m going to have 2 or 3 of these and pop my sandals on.



I’m just throwing on a white collarless shirt with my sandals and going to talk about my times on a collective in Israel, me a Tarquin had a wonderful time with the cannibals.

I’m combing my beard then it’s off to the halal soup kitchen for my third free shift this week, before rounding up the chaps for the Eat The Liberal Elite Rally tomorrow, at the vegan community bistro.

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Me and Cressenda may join you but it could clash with the fruitarian revolution party meeting.


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This is a truly cutting edge revolution party and we wont allow anyone lily livered pinko in, the initiation with the sweet potato usually stops them, if it doesn’t they have to sleep the groups feminist section which has never failed to stop would be pinkos in.

Pinko Purge should be a band.

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Pinko Purge should be a band.

Aren’t they called Pussy Riot, Putin didn’t like them very much, I thought they were fucking brilliant myself.

Home made Chicken Bhuna that has been on the go since this morning and is now a deep rich brown and complex in spice and aroma… washed down with a couple of large imported Cobras. Now enjoying a relaxing Lagavulin… Mhmmm. No excess this evening

I will however,be wearing my sand_els_ (sic)(Just for Barry)