:netflix: Streaming Lockdown Recommendations

We just finished Season 3 - was the best season yet.

Yes just finished watching El Camino…essential tie-up for all Breaking Bad fans. Enjoyed it.

…Now back to Better Call Saul…on series 5.


If you’ve got Amazon Prime then watch The Boys - crazy watchable capeshit or Tales From The Loop, more thoughtful, but weird shit.

Thanks for listening :pray:


Welcome to the forum BS.

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Welcome to the madness of Sotonians @BewilderedSaint

And no, dont have Prime but maybe my dodgy Afghan streamers will!

Under NO circumstances should you allow ANY female in your household to switch on Netflix on their own.

She found .Mama Mia 2.


Just want to state clearly & unequivocally for the record that there is NO truth in the malicious rumour that I have seen Mama Mia the show 5 times.
It was only 4

/makes whip sound

Hello Bewildered Saint, welcome to this community, its great, everyone is friendly and helpful, welcome once again and I hope to see your posts regularly.

I use Yank netflix but now they’ve lost Disney there not much difference really between the UK and US one, more shit and more recent films but you get them on the blag anyway.
Watching Dirty Money, finished season 5 Better call Saul - Superb
Will continue with Ozarks as left it halfway through season 2.
Watched Arctic this week with Mads Mikkelsen, very very good and only a really good actor could pull this off, highly recommend.

Season 3 Episode 7…wow

Into the night. 6 part series.
A320 due to fly Brussels - Moscow.
Usual boarding stuff.
People losing contact with Asia & US.
Deranged NATO Officer trying to board any flight West.
Moscow plane “hijacked”.
What follows is so full of technical holes even to a frequent flyer.
It is really gripping.
Something happened to the Sun. Fly West

Memories of 2 gripping books.
Down to a Sunless Sea & The Langoliers.

“I’m going to die in Scotland, surrounded by Belgians” is the best line of Ep 1

You’re locked down with Mads Mikkelsen?

Watch your bollocks, son.


Into the Night as I mentioned has airplane technical flaws that even a skateboarder would notice.
Equally it has epic plot cliches mixed in with moments of dodgy acting that Flash Gordon couldn’t achieve.
Watching You Tube videos to land a plane makes it epic.
Really enjoyable

And, in my defence, despite the technical flaws it gets 7.1 on IMDb and edge of seat shit for last 2 episodes.
Rated a damned good Gargantuan binge.
Unless you are a qualified Pilot then its oh come on guys followed by STFU from the wife

Any feedback on Ricky Gervais’ After Life?

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No way am watching that unfortunately, with Father in Law passing unexpectedly I found S1 tough, now with Mrs P_F around it simply wont happen.
FB friends say it is heartbreaking & funny.

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Haven’t watched series 2 yet, but the first series was excellent. A real return to form for Gervais.

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Its shite

Thanks everyone for the evenly balanced reviews. :woozy_face:

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