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Its only a ‘big deal’ because its posted on here… which I am not sure is necessary. I previously asked for the account to be suspended assuming it would be kept quiet. The reason for suspending was actually to remove any possibility of posting in reaction to things observed… which if folks are honest can be difficult at times. Originally I had asked for the account to be closed/removed… which would have been a better option really, but Bletch persuaded me just to suspend it as it would cause havoc with many thread trails…

It was only made a thing of, because one obsessive poster decided to make a big deal out it without having a clue about facts, to score a few cheap points, which TBH was not unexpected



Last warning mate. Beef thread or sanctions.


Merely pointing to FACTS about this thread Pap… scroll back up if you like to check content…


I am not having every thread turn into a row between me and you. I don’t care if you’re referring to events on this thread. Cut it out. Allow some other voices to develop please, and if you have remarks to make which you know are going to cause a row, please make them on the beef thread, as I have asked you repeatedly to do.


Happy to do so… but would it be too much to ask that you do the same?


FYI, @Barry-Sanchez has been ‘silenced’ for 3-ish hours for posting style. He’s welcome to post again after 11pm tonight.


Why is the reply option not set to Normal but tracking so you have to change it which means tracking is normal and normal is not

Just asking not being pedantic

I think

Therefore I am

I think.



If you’ve created a topic you’ll be watching the topic, normally, which is normal, I think. You’ll get notifications when anything happens on the topic.

If you’ve replied to the topic or read the topic (for long enough), you’ll be tracking the topic and seeing the count of replies, normally.

If you’ve not done any of these things, then normally, you’ll be set to normal and won’t be notified - unless you’re mentioned (in a normal way).

If you’ve gone into the topic notification setting (in a normal way) and set the topic to be muted (which many sane people normally do with certain topics on here) then you will not see any notifications from the topic - even if you are mentioned - in a normal way.


By the way I have that shirt or close to it that you wanted can be picked up at pre match drinks at the Fulham game wherever they are going to be.

And not being normal is normal as well

I think.


Has the meme builder gone? have i missed something?



Ive missed something then…probably whilst i was a dancing queen


So what is your SOS about?

What hilarious meme were you about to post - go on gimme, gimme, gimme a clue?

Knowing me knowing you, it was probably MLK and I have a dream.


One of us is crying at this blatant punning.


FYI, @Barry-Sanchez has been ‘silenced’ for 3-ish hours for posting style. He’s welcome to post again after 6pm tonight.


Oh dear. I replied to one of his posts on the Saints/Arsenal thread where i sort of agreed with The Bazza. Does that mean i am in the doghouse too? WTF, it doesn’t matter anyway, it is 2-40 am here and i am just a little lot pissed. Doesn’t make me a bad person though.,



You’re all good.

In fact, I thought Bazza’s post (that you replied to) was very reasonable.