🔈 Site announcement: Things what we think you should know

:speaker: Site announcement: Things what we think you should know


Don’t accept a life from anyone with a white van @Intiniki, especially if you can see cable ties…


A life?

The @Cobham-Saint Triangle Trade laid bare through a Freudian.

Only on Sotonians.


I sort of do have a life with a guy who drove a white van around London.


If you’re referring to your other half, I mostly think of this.


Ffs - damn autocorrect or was it that bloody Google monstrosity thing introduced to the site by @saintbletch



Pretty spot on until the harassing the woman on the street bit.


:mapoftasmania: is still showing on the Users Map btw


O really?


Ok, smarty pants…


@Chertsey-Saint has had his account suspended - at his own request.


That explains why his name didn’t come up.


Ok, whose fault was it this time?


I hope you’re not suggesting that Cherts sent his request under duress?

The plot thickens.


Not at all - haven’t been on many of the threads he’s been active on recently so assumed points and counterpoints got a tad shouty / personal.

Ah, just saw the beef thread. Guess it tipped him over the edge.


I think they have been rather shouty. I think they’ve been rather personal too. That is one of the consequences of freedom of speech, something that was introduced after @Coxford_lou made an impassioned plea for @Furball to be able use his full range of skills.

This place started out very nicey nicey before that.

I had just finished reading Trigger Warning, an excellent book by Mick Hume, which utterly changed my thinking on the subject. I was well up for Lou’s suggestion.

I still am. There’s a powerful argument articulated in Hume’s book which asserts that hate speech doesn’t exist. The counter-point? It’s just speech. Some fucking idiot has to take action for it to be anything else, and at that point, it is something else.

Applying that to this situation, a lot of people spoke. There’s only ever one person that can ever take action that results in this scenario - the person asking to be suspended.

Make of that what you will.


Quite. As frankie boyle said, echoing bill hicks, it’s just jokes.


The poster known as @TedMaul and @SaintBristol has asked for his account(s) to be suspended.


Should have kept that private :wink:


I really don’t get why poster’s ask for their account to be suspended, closed etc. Why not just stop posting and fade away gracefully? Why the need to make a big deal about it? Attention seeking maybe? Whatever, it’s all a bit drama-queenish.


We have a right to delete our accounts and to be forgotten on the web. I sometimes considered it for many a site even this one.
I suppose it’s the balance as to whether this needs to be announced or not. Most of the time I don’t notice if someone has disappeared off here although there’s a few notable posters I have noticed.