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:speaker: Site announcement: Things what we think you should know




It was pap, wasn’t it? You can tell us, we won’t judge.


He just said he was fed up with all the talk of gigs being too expensive nowadays and how music threads are dominated by Mac Demarco and Gruff Rhys.

I had to agree.


You cunt.

Please deactivate your account.


I’ve created a Discourse group for the Sotonians Cycling Club.


It basically means we can message the @SotoniansCyclingClub and all members will receive a message.

If you’d like to be a member of the group, visit the group page above and hit the request button to be a member. It’s not a restricted membership so everyone that requests access will be added.

Members will also get a badge declaring their membership. Whooo!


Is that where we exchange lycra-clad selfies of each other?


No KRG, that happens at pre-match drinks.


No sorry hold on that’s leather-clad selfies, don’t mind me as you were.


Hi SotoniansCyclingClub, here’s the shot of me from today’s ride.

Looking pretty fly, IISSM.


EDIT: Forgot the @


Can anyone set up a “special interest” club on here?

Asking for a friend.


Just put forward the case and have it backed by another 2 people.

That means you’ve just got to find two other colossal perverts and you’re in. In like Flynn.


So, I can count you as in?


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:biking_man: Personal Cycling

Two questions, I’ve done a cursory search, well on one of them.

  1. how come screen rotation gets enabled when I use this site? I only have this on for porn.

  2. how do I get the ‘quick scroll’ activated? I open a thread and it says 1/1235, for example. Sometimes, by gently nudging this bit of the screen, I get the option to scroll to e.g. no. 1103. Most of the time I can’t. Cannot figure it out!


Is this when you are on your phone?




Re point 2. @anal1, there was a bug in Chrome on Android (or maybe Apple too) that caused the symptoms you’re describing.

Are you on Chrome and Android?

If so can you check your version of Chome - you need to be on 68 point something for Google to have fixed the bug.

To check your version…

  1. Start Chrome

  2. touch/click menu icon to the right of the address bar - it may be a stack of three little lines or dots

  3. touch/click Settings item in the menu that drops down after you do #2

  4. touch/click the About Chrome item in the settings menu


Thanks Bletch. This is tedious, but I’ll go through it. I always used to access this site through chrome, then I was offered the opportunity to make it a bookmark, or whatever on my phone. Accepting that option seems to have associated this site with the native android browser, which I never normally used. This shortcut to sotinians looks and acts like an ‘app’.

So, when using this ‘app’, and accessing all the fabulous functionality, I can’t figure out why my phone goes into rotation or how to systematically access the page scroll thing. Fwiw, the screen rotation icon is not showing ‘enabled’, despite this site rolling round like a sailor.

I am strong and well survive this.


:biking_man: Personal Cycling
:biking_man: Personal Cycling

Just ban him, bletch. Clearly a trouble maker.

:biking_man: Personal Cycling


OK, I’ll think about the rotation problem for a bit. Sounds odd*.

Making the link into an ‘app’ seems more like a Chrome feature to me than that of the native browser*. Or at least I’ve only seen Chrome do that so I’ll assume it’s Chrome.

Can you start Chrome independently of Sotonians and follow the instructions above to get the Chrome version number?

Also, are you on Android?

* geek code for “I don’t believe you”.