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:speaker: Site announcement: Things what we think you should know


What a whiny bitch he is. I am outraged - OUTRAGED - that some people on a forum don’t think Armed Forces Day is important. OUTRAGED.


Well to be honest it doesn’t Pointing to the facts of Saturday night as an example.

I was in bed in a strange hotel room and got up at 03:00 am for a piss.

on the way back to bed I managed to kick the 1 inch metal bed post breaking my middle toe.

and the words uttered were " shit fuck cunt" meaning the whole world. Aledgedly I woke up people three doors down.

NB there were no lights on as I didn’t want to wake the mrs.


Whoa there @philippinesaint , strange hotel? With the wife?

What error are you atoning for?


Just a weekend at a waterpark and hotel with the family

I do these things every now and again for some reason I can then do what I like for longish time.

NB San Mig was only 40 peso a bottle about 80 pence in your money which is not bad hotel prices.


This isn’t really a thread for important things we should know is it!

Just been flicking through and not sure it has helped in my development.


It’s not like a Grattons catalogue you know…




Changed @chertsey-saint 's avatar from

to :-

I expect he’ll be on later to cry bloody murder at the infringement of his freedom of speech.

Which is precisely why he changed his avatar to what he did.

Site policy is that we don’t mind swearing; we just try not to make it front and centre on pages new peeps are going to see first.

Any questions, let me know.


Any questions, let me know.

Great! What happened to the Soviet and who is Mr. Mod?


Any questions relating to Chertsey’s avatar change, ta.

However, the Soviet issue will be resolved by the beginning of the season. There aren’t any more mod spots going - it’s just Soviet stuff.


Shouldn’t that be an issue for the Soviet, landlord?


It’s an issue for the owners.

Besides, those that covet mod power are least suited to wield it. I refer you to TSW’s hypo.


PMSL and other chortles


I feel the current mods (whoever they may be) are not doing a very good job. Nowhere have they been asking for the pics I need on any thread about guys mentioned. Perhaps some more training is needed?


If you require mucky pictures tigger, I may be able to help. I would require you to be more specific though.

I will also require you to sign a waiver and make sure that you are alone.

Is your head really made of rubber?


We’ve actually got someone in house who’d be a perfect fit for @tigger


I like the way this site ticks. I can understand not wanting swear words as a banner or whatever but I think the freedom given leads to a more open, less antsy site. People seem to ignore or chat. There is in fact less rudeness to other posters than well run pay as you go sites. Quite happy to abbreviate foul language.

The word in question has such varied value. Used when someone knows that they are being one as opposed to using it for those that are, then there is a huge difference in meaning.


That is making the quite big and arrogant assumption I would want to be a mod on here. Being a Mod would mean I would become ‘the man’. It would also mean I would probably have to log on for a certain number of hours and trudge through political bullshit. I would have to argue with the likes or Barry and Cherts about the storm in the teacup of that given day. Worst of all it would mean you would be my boss and I would have to do as you request. Any idiot or poison dwarf can see this would be a lose-lose situation for me. Bletch doesn’t seem to be loving it.

It suits me much more to log on now and again and highlight your hypocrisy. It was your idea to have a Soviet and hand over control. You nominated some idiots like me and bear to make up the numbers and to look fair and the people had their say. Like it or not, we were elected. I have not great desire to be in the soviet. If I am and it is a real thing and not the watered down role it now looks to be, then great. If I am not, I still get to log on now and again and point out how you look like a Cuban dictator in an ill-fitting shellsuit clinging on to power of a remote island. I get to make some jokes and maybe wind up ‘the man’ now and again. Win win.


As you know, Tokes - we love a bit of honesty and people opening up.

Even so, I’m not sure that this is the venue to announce how desperately sad your life has become.

Did you mean to say this out loud?


Ffs another Fonz. You should go into politics. Your skill for diverting is up there with the best/worst.