🔈 Site announcement: Things what we think you should know

:speaker: Site announcement: Things what we think you should know


Sotonians will now notify you when someone replies to your post.

I think that’s the only major feature any of our competitors have that we do not.

Apart from fleecing everyone for a fiver for a worse experience, of course.


It’ll never catch on in the Chapel…




Good move, @pap

We don’t need lizardmen and purple shell-suited Paladins to lean on us.

Not now that we’ve got Chapel Bleeding Kate. :lou_sunglasses:


I finished populating the standard filter today.

The first rule is that it never swaps Scunthorpe.

The other two rules simply substitute cunt to c**t and fuck to f**k.


Wow, what you can do with regex rules these days…


The poster formerly known as Shirty Saint aka Chertsey Saint has been knocked back to guest status at his own request.

Well, he asked for his account to be deleted but we don’t do that here.

Sorry to see him go and hope distance and the passing of time will bring him back at some point.


CC: @pap @rallyboy @goatboy


Ah, fuck him. He does it every two weeks, the fucking fanny. That’s Tories for you.


What’s he done this time?


Who fucked him off this time?


Why would anyone make a request like this? It’s a bit precious isn’t it? I mean, why not just stop posting and retire anonomously, no need to make an issue of it surely. Seems like a bit of a flounce to me!


Out of interest Beltch, why don’t you delete details if requested, or is it no one knows how?


Seriously though, are there any DPA issues that the Soviet need to be aware of here"


To be fair to Shirty, he never publicly shared that he wanted his account deleted.

He simply said he was off (publicly). Whether that is a flounce, I’ll yet you decide.


Our position is that while you are posting here, you consciously chose to publicly share your thoughts and views.

These thoughts and views, especially if you’re a regular or provocative poster, intertwine themselves into the fabric of what the forum is.

Some feel that deleting these posts would ruin the forum as a record of debate.

On top of that, whilst we could delete all of a user’s posts, if any content had been quoted or even copied and pasted into other posts, then technically it’s incredibly difficult to delete that.

I’d say that this is exactly the sort of thing that the Soviet should debate (any DPA issues).

On top of that I’m hopeful that Shirty will return at some point.


I’d like to have my status moved to ‘Ghost’ this due to my temporary death. Also I’m protesting that there’s not a Non Armed forces day recognised on here.


If there is another election this year and Corbyn fails to win you can put your mortgage on Cherts comig back and telling us that he was right and that Corbyn is “unelectable.”


My Chinese mate Chertzou Saint thinks Corbyn is unerectable to, but that is quite common at his age.

I am with Fatso on this in that Tory Cherts is being a bit fanny and hope returns soon to ‘stand up’ and be counted.




Maybe all he needs are a couple of Viagra tablets to restore his mojo?


On Shitty Saints new Avatar is he calling himself a cunt or the rest of us ?

its questions like these that need answers clarifying on.


Himself. It would need an s on the end to be about all of us.