🔈 Site announcement: Things what we think you should know

:speaker: Site announcement: Things what we think you should know


Awesome, @pap !


There appears to be a design issue* when the notifications engine looks for mentions in quoted text.

So, if I quote someone who has embedded a mention then the notification engine sees two mentions. This sort of feels OK, until you quote someone who has embedded a mention of yourself.

When that happens you get a notification that you’ve mentioned yourself. See below.

This resulted in a notification that I’d mentioned myself. I am a shameless narcissist, but I’m sure I didn’t.

Not sure what the correct behaviour should be, though.

*geek code for bug.


Also, @pap here’s a feature request for when you’re next getting your hands dirty.

Can we see the date and time of the event we’re being notified about?

Currently, I see a list of notifications but I have no context for when they happened.

I’d like to see the date time, or perhaps the humanised time delta (a moment ago, three minutes ago, two months ago) that you already use for posts.

As I’m massively popular, I need to know when people have mentioned me in the context of twat/shirts/twat/drinking/twat/etc.


@pap , only just scrolled down far enough to see the " and referred to you as" bit.



Great job, @pap , this is really cool! Handy for people like me who aren’t reading every thread, but wouldn’t want to miss someone talking to me.

Looks much better without the bold, too :lou_lol:


I prefer consolas font

(WTF I used to be able to embed HTML to make things change to what I want, now I can’t)


If you want to frig around with colours and fonts, and you’re running Chrome*, I can recommend the Stylish Plugin.

If you install the plugin it allows you to change the CSS (appearance) for any website you visit.

It has an active community that creates themes for popular websites so you can easily customise the appearance of, say, the Google search page, Facebook, YouTube, PlacesToBuryVictims.com, etc.

I’ve created a simple theme that changes the sotonians.com @mention colours to purple on white and white on purple (Purple? You should see how I dress!).

You can download it here.

Once you’ve downloaded it you can extend it if you’ve got a basic understanding of editing text and/or CSS.

You could even change the purple for something less fashionable.

@btripz , you can use it to change fonts too.

However, I THINK you’d be limited to system fonts (i.e. no web fonts) unless @pap is already loading the web font you want.

*Actually, I think it is available for Firefox, Opera and Safari.



Not sure.

You could always go with this…




@saintbletch to be fair it is a fixed font generally used in IDEs


I don’t mind what font anymore so long as the bold and italics work as they should!


_ **Works for me. ** _ :lou_wink_2:


Originally posted by @lifeintheslowlane

Originally posted by @Coxford_lou

_ I don’t mind what font anymore so long as the bold and italics work as they should! _

_ **Works for me. ** _ :lou_wink_2:

Oh Lord! It’s painful to my eyes!


Thanks. We still need to sort out tagging for people on mobile devices. In relatively short order, the notifications stuff will be searchable, pageable and will contain other kinds of notification We’ll probably keep private messages on their own tab, just because other platforms do that too.

In other news, I am seriously considering an optional swear filter.The normal site would run as is, but we’d probably run a subdomain on which a swear-filter is applied. I think clean.sotonians.com is a bit of a stretch.

slightlysoiled.sotonians.com? :slight_smile:


I’ve arrived back in Liverpool to discover that @saintbletch wants us to use Consolas.

Consolas is mostly famous for not being as shit as Courier New or Lucida Console. Outside of actually showing program code examples, or conscious attempts to hit a retro brief, I don’t think monospace has a place on web anymore.


@pap , follow the thread above and you’ll see that it was @btripz that advocated using the font that time forgot.

Personally, I want to use Finger Paint…

…so that I can imagine you sitting inside a server, somewhere in the US, hand-writing every web page that is sent back to my browser.


Grr. It’s a fair cop.


Think this new feature is pretty slick tbf. Do you get a notification when someone d-votes you?


Downvoted, Bearsy - just to help you find out!! :lou_is_a_flirt:


Did it work??