🔈 Site announcement: Things what we think you should know

:speaker: Site announcement: Things what we think you should know


Again @areloa-grandee , you’re wrong.

I was laughing when I wrote that, just as I am now.

Wanna play guess my mood all night? I’m game. I’ve even got the beers in.


OK fair enough - the dangers of the web. But you do come across as ‘taking it all a bit serious’ - on this matter… an I even avoided the obvious gag about how your cock would only need to to be very small if your assumption on my design knowledge was as limite das you suggested. :lou_is_a_flirt:


Yes, the joke was self-deprecating, in part to continue propagating the legend that I have a microscopic penis.

People knock the practice, but I have found that it turns potentially embarrassing moments into pleasant surprises.

You’ll need a magnifying glass sat atop the lens of an electron microscope to see it, ladies!

Dear lord, I’m forty one.


You cant beat a quality penis gag…


Glad to see you prepared to boldly embrace what you were moaning about before.

Now shut up about the minor changes or suggest concrete improvements. While I’d love to continue it, it really is subjective, and besides, I’m just not going to have the time.

Grammar Inquisitors @saintbletch and @fowllyd will be along any moment, sticking the forum equivalent of hot pokers up my arse for splitting the infinitive. They’ll likely consume all my time, sadly.


Im guessing you’re aroused by the sexual tension between you and chutney ferret?


:lou_wink: :lou_wink:


I am now, although that is probably a little large for Pap…more like

:lou_wink: :lou_wink:


Oh wow, I definitely prefer the first one.

Though can you use the correct winking one please? :lou_wink_2: 2nd row on the right. Pap will never delete the old one!




lol … Fuck off with all your “still at it ?” hogwash, Cob … this thread is right up your street.

Isn’t it about time you bit the bullet and asked your little mutants to explain the basics of tagging, just enough so you can get involved :lou_lol:


Absolute filth. I did not expect to encounter this sort of thing on here…


…but you are glad you did! :lou_lol:

This strange world where grown adults can exercise infantile penis jokes without fear of a beating. Where we can tug at the very heartstrings of purile humour, and spout immature thoughts whenever the need arises


Optimus Trousers has puked up his breakfast.

As you may be aware, Vine recently announced that it would be hanging the “Closed” sign on the back of its Internet door.

As a result, Optimus Trousers can no longer flirt with the female servers in California.

His (seventh-rate) developer had not foreseen the problem, and as a result, the love-sick Optimus has refused to get out of bed for the start of his shift.

I’ll be having words with him later; saying pull yourself together, you’ll get over it, visit a porn site - that sort of thing.

He’ll be online again a little later.


Meh … Big Informed Bob is better anyway


Why shucks, sirrah, you have right made me blush!!

Unfortunately work gets in the way sometimes and I have to eat, drink and poo so I do lack the concentration that Optimus has.

I still have no idea what @saintbletch is talking about regarding Vine shutting it’s back doors, does it not want anal any more?


You know what, I think Lou was right about the font … there’s something very strange going on with the italics

always … always

The ‘a’ and ‘y’ are different , not just italicised but a completely different font which explains why italics look so fuckin’ weird now.

Hmmm … Pap trying to hoodwink us ? or some kind of dark magic ?

The plot thickens


**thickens ** surely?


Originally posted by @Goatboy

**thickens ** surely?

Very good Goat, very good.

Just a shame my efforts to get involved in the big fontgate debate_ _has been met with mirth and tomfoolery … and all the while Pap quietly contemplates his next act of skullduggery

I’ll stick to footie threads in future, I’m wasted on here

well tbh, I’m just ‘wasted’ full stop at the moment :lou_sunglasses:


Exactly, Steve!! It’s not just me!


I’ve made some changes on the site, some obvious, some not so obvious.

First and foremost, the back is broken on the notifications engine. The site will now tell you when people have referenced you or upvoted you. It doesn’t presently pull notifications like Facebook, etc, but on clicking onto a new page, the little flag icon at the top right will show you how many new notifications you have. The Show More link will show you all your mentions and upvotes for the last seven days. I’ll improve on that later.

Each notification provides a direct link back to the post in question.

There’s support for mobile. Notifications are the first item on the mobile list now. It’s rudimentary, but it’s better than nowt. The solution for tagging users in the mobile editor is in the works.

There have been some minor cosmetic changes. The headers are still bold, but the tags are not.

I also pepped up the whole post location business and permalinking in general. Kinda had to in order to get the whole notifications shebang to work. I think it might finally be right :slight_smile:

I know people fear change and all that. Last weekend and @areloa-grandee taught me that :slight_smile: However, this is another component of the overall development. There’s more to come.

Now I ain’t claiming we’re the most technically advanced football forum in the world, but I think we’re the most advanced purpose-built Saints forum in the world. After the shit the team have served up lately I’ll take that.