Saints to be stung into action by the Hornets?

Saints to be stung into action by the Hornets?


Same shit, different day.


Indeed, the season continues in full on shite continuity…


And including sleepwalking towards relegation, he doesn’t know what he is doing, what have the Chinese said and it all down to Eric Black.


Any thoughts about the Tom Williams article Barry?


Haven’t read anything, link it and I’ll pass an opinion on the document.


On plus side there’s only one team in worse current form than Watford. On minus side, it’s Us.



They are on the traditional post Christmas Silva slide which is reportedly not as much fun as it sounds. Its us under Wotte Vs last year’s post-Christmas Hull. A super classico!


I shall be 6 courses into a dining experience at the Fat Duck when this starts and by the time I emerge from the restaurant, I shall be too twatted to care about the result


And a wheelbarrow load of cash lighter



I’m going for a plucky 0:1 win for us - goal by our in form newly promoted striker JWP and with us then sitting deeper and deeper as the game wears on, along with incomprehensible substitutions like Gabbiadini coming on in the 89th minute followed by 1min of injury time…


You will find it in the Saints Mangers Substitutions thread Barry. I think you will find it interesting.


With an upcoming 4th round FA Cup tie against the Hornets this is going to be interesting or maybe it won’t…


Can’t we just roll both games into one? Might be less painful that way.


We are on a roll away win followed by another 0- 2 to Saints another clean sheet

Bazza wetting himself that due to results going our way we keep the manager for longer.


One to please @barry-sanchez :lou_lol:


46 seconds in… Gabby has a face like a smacked arse and then hits the camera away. That pretty much sums up playing second fiddle to Shane Long, for me.


“…46 seconds in… Gabby has a face like a smacked arse…”

I think they all go on a special course. VVD, Bert Rand, Boufal and Redmond are all guilty of looking as miserable as fuck at times recently.


Still no sign of Seesaws in the promo vid. I reckon he’s away in Blackpool having heard that’s where it’s going down. I didn’t see Klippety in any Liverhampton news today either … too much of a coincidence me thinks.


| Player J PiedJ Pied | Knock | | No Return Date | No |
| Player W HoedtW Hoedt | Conussion | | January 13, 2018 | Major Doubt |
| Player C AustinC Austin | Hamstring Injury | | March 3, 2018 | No |
| Player C SoaresC Soares | Ankle Injury | | January 13, 2018 | No |


Naa…apparently KlipKlopp was in Barcelona trying to sell Nivea Boy for north of 100m.

Do we have a sell on clause? :lou_surprised: