Puel v Conman EPL comparison

Puel v Conman EPL comparison


Puel will be retained until the summer

the Players are not convinced yet

Fonte is not shit stirring

ryan has become Bert big bollocks since being capped

Redmond is a shit stirrer and is putting ideas into to the younger players heads

that is my inside track.

oh and Kat still loves the club and Barry is a wazzock


We are clearly missing something because we are not creating enough, but we are in a very competitive league so thinking we can walk into the top six every season is naive.

Sacking managers regularly has never worked for anyone so I don’t think we should introduce that as a policy.

Puel needs to be given time, and the players need to pull their fucking fingers out.

And you don’t go from tactical genius to ‘inbred cunt’ in a fortnight unless the fans are fickle morons with worthless opinions.

If I was Forster I would despise the fans who abuse me with a passion - there must be nothing worse when you are struggling than to to get ridiculed by your own fans.

So the manager, the players and some of the fans need to have a fucking good look at themselves - and then we can hopefully move forward together.


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Does anyone genuinely have confidence in Puel? Seriously do they? His choices, his tactics? He is woeful. Who will go in the transfer window as well?

TBH Baz, I’m not entirely convinced by Puel either but haven’t given up on him yet. My feeling is there’s a lot more to come from him but we’re going to have to wait until next season to see it.

Our inconsistancy is very frustrating but to be fair on him he came in at a time when the shockwaves from RK’s departure were still reverberating and he’s been thrown in at the deep end with a relentless schedule of 2 games a week ever since. Hasn’t given him much time on the training ground to work on things. Any manager would need time under such circumstances. Pepe Gaurdiola is a prime example of that and Klopp didn’t exactly set the world on fire last season.



  1. Fraser Forster
  2. Cedric Soares
  3. Maya Yoshida
  4. Jose Fonte
  5. Sam McQueen
  6. James Ward-Prowse
  7. Oriol Romeu
  8. Jordy Clasie
  9. Nathan Redmond
  10. Jay Rodriguez
  11. Dusan Tadic

7. Shane Long
8. Steven Davis
18. Harrison Reed
19. Sofiane Boufal
21. Ryan Bertrand
24. Jack Stephens
41. Harry Lewis

Seems Puel agrees with CB re Bertrand

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Klopp did well, Gaurdiola got found out at Munich and he’ll get found out at City, Puel doesn’t inspire as he doesn’t appear to know what he is doing.


Puel is looking more stylish than Koeman today, IMHO.


Oh go on dear?


It doesn’t stop you being wrong?


Update after Everton :-

Points gained Conman 26 Puel 24

Goals scored Conman 25 Puel 19

Goals conceded Conman 25 Puel 25

So, despite our recent run of bad form we are not that far behind where we were last season.

2 points worse off, conceded the same number of goals, but have scored remarkably less.

We need that goal scorer in this month. or for Long/J-Rod to refind their goal scoring boots.


Incidentally, following our shit run last December Koeman made a fairly drastic (in terms of it being un-Southampton like) tactical change in order to get us out of the rut. He went 3-5-2. (Equally significant - with Bertrand left centre back and not Yoshida… [see my other post on this point] ) This made us more solid and got us a couple of clean sheets to build the confidence back up.

Has Puel got something similar in his locker? This will be a very interesting point for comparison in the coming weeks.


Wasn’t that run also coupled with the return of Forster and his subsequent 6 clean sheets??


It was indeed. Maybe he needs another comeback?!


I just looked back over the results from the second half of last season… pretty damn impressive and numerous occasions where we scored 3 or 4 goals. They will need to find their shooting boots on the hurry up to stand any chance of coming close to last season’s goal difference come May.


This has all the potential to become a depressing thread.

I’m not sure I’ll be back after every game to see how things are stacking up, then again I’m not expecting us to finish about Liverpool every season so if we improve, create more and buy a striker who can hit a cow’s arse, I’ll be happier…


What do you mean it has the ‘potential’ to become a depressing thread?! I’d say we are pretty much already there! Maybe Redmond will score against his old club on Saturday and life will be rosey again… ha! I almost typed that with a straight face!!


It’s funny, as this is a like for like comparison not a “at this point last season” comparison, the results compared are spread pretty much evenly over both halves of the sesason. That said it doesn’t invlove a lot of high-scoring games.

If you do the “at this point last season” comparison we have

| | Points | GS | GC |
| Koeman | 24 | 26 | 24 |
| Puel | 24 | 19 | 25 |

So despite scoring a fucktard load of goals in the first 20 games last season we had the same points, conceding 1 less goal.

So proof that boring 1-0s are the way to go.


I currently hate supporting Saints, but not because we’re a bit shit at the moment, but because of the dickwad I-want-everything-now-and-I-will-not-tolerate-an-adjustment-period-or-poor-form fans. The whole of the modern game is rife with this bullshit attitude and it’s poisoning the sport.

I think I said the same thing after the appointment of Poch and Koeman, but I’ll say it again for the hell of it. If Fergie took over Man Utd now and had the same results he did when he first went to Utd, he’d be out on his ear sharpish. People are so fucking impatient nowadays that they won’t let managers build their own team. It’s madness.

That said, we have been a bit shit recently, and our play is ponderous and boring, but let’s not give up hope yet - maybe it’s part of Puel’s masterplan to creep through the festive period unscathed?!

(Also, if Austin wasn’t injured I reckon we would be 3 or 4 goals better off this season, which would probably even out the old points comparison with FatGinge.)


I coudn’t give a shite where we are and know last season was as good as it got, that is why I was so fucked off with the weakened teams for the Europa, all it says to me is as long as Southampton FC is in the Premiership thats all that matters, hence I don’t believe we’re buy known quality when we need it in this transfer window, we have just eough to get by, on the cheap, its the right time for them to to sell and by fuck they want to.


Mike Phelan is available Hull have just got rid of him.


There are games that we could have buried with a sharp attack. We just don’t got it, and I really don’t think Puel’s tactics are the problem at the moment. Even before Austin got injured, he was looking beefier by the week. Jay Rod has been bloody frustrating, getting to the point where you write him off before he bangs in a goal or two.

There’s no Pelle, who’ll just say “fuck you, I score goals” or will at least hold the bastard up for others to bang onto. There’s no Mané, and Boufal is worryingly starting to look like the luxury player that all our recent record signings have become.

We need to scour Europe’s other leagues, find the most profilic scorers, and stick a fucking wedge down.