North London Yobs V Southampton FC

North London Yobs V Southampton FC


Or perceived foul in this apparently non-contact sport


The match build up thread from The Fighting Cock, a THFC fan forum.


I hope so…

“Some of us [Millwall players] were playfully goading Terry about what he was going to do to Vinnie Jones in the upcoming fixture with Wimbledon. Without saying a word, he got up from the table and walked to the entrance of the pub and ripped the door off its hinges” – Millwall teammate Tony Cascarino"


I hope he paid for the repairs.


I will find it Quite Funny if they bottle it & finish below Arsenal. Again.

I’ve never been fond of Spurs, but it’s hard to dislike Harry Kane. I wish nothing but the best for that Bro, he’s my second favourite non-saints player behind Wellbz.


That’s the fear of the Spurs fans, really. They were aiming to win the league. Now they’re desperate not to finish below Woolwich. I wonder if the players feel as strongly. Harry Kane maybe, but you have to figure that many of them are going to be deflated after being pipped to the post by Leicester.

We’re a decent enough side on our day. As Man City proved, we’re fucking awesome if teams don’t turn up or are ill-prepared. If we manage to get a result at White Hart Lane, Spurs could find themselves having to travel to St James Park fighting a Newcastle side still in it.


Point of order … it should be North London Yobbos, Yobs is far too common!


I was saving some pixels when starting and they are common so it’s staying :lou_lol:


I would love it if Arsenal could beat them. Love it. MoPo has gone down in my estimation. Spurs haven’t won this yet, I’d love it if Arsenal beat them


Maybe we should say to the Arse, if we turn this lot over and you come second, can you please stop looking at Ronald


I’m amused that they think a linesman is going to say yes, I saw the eye-gouging but it didn’t warrant any punishment - he didn’t detach the retina so it’s okay.


Dembele could face a 10 game suspension if found guilty of eye-gouging.


Costa did just look at him with that evil smile he has and was thinking “your fucking dead meat”


Funny how it all went a bit Argentina 1966.

There should be a raft of charges.

The gouging, the standing on the hand, the rucks in front of the dugout, manager entering the field of play, the ruck at the final whistle, Hiddink being pushed to the floor, the record-breaking number of yellow cards, failure to control players etc.

If they don’t throw the book at them it wil be ridiculous.


'arry Kane- a throwback to footballers of the 1950s, the post war pin up with his big nose and slicked back hair. Just need him to wear ankle high boots

I think he would look better playing in black and white


oi that formation selector thing looks fancy.

Any chance of us getting something similar?


Agreed. Think we should, to celebrate the top 4 latest threads all being footie related :sunglasses:


You’re doing something wrong when Diego Costa is the victim.


You gotta love Costa and his ability to get other players in the shit. You can guarantee that Costa had been chirping away at Dembele all game and giving him a few sly digs along the way.


True CB, but dont you just wish footballers would stop being such girlies… stop this ‘tarty gouging’ and biting - (surely the stuff of pre school) and just deck the twat?