Joshua vs Klitschko

Joshua vs Klitschko


So CobhamSaint this nefarious plan your Mrs has to make money ?

to make that above bet worthwhile she has to put a lot down ?


If i do that sort of betting, it ends up a draw.


Cheers Phil - yep posted in wrong place - in a rush to get train to today’s Beerex :lou_lol:

Mrs C_S made about £380 yesterday - her “scheme” id to bet small across a range of online bookies and lay off the bets elsewhere.

Stated off with minimal stakes to get the free bets and took it from there.

I’m sure there’s a catch, but for the life of me I can’t see it.


£380 in one day? Good girl. Playing the odds can work very well, but you need to be patient. If she’s doing her homework and betting sensibly, sit back and enjoy the rewards.

Tell her to put it all on Saints 4-0, Maya first goal @200/1.

I gave up sensible a few years ago(no patience) :lou_facepalm_2:


The catch is she’ll spend it all on bath bombs and shoes.


I’m with you there SoS, I’ve got a £5 acca on today at odds of 4800/1 :lou_sunglasses:


‘Youth will be served’ J. London 1909. A Piece of Steak


Nice odds. Good luck :lou_smiley:

Makes me feel sensible with my paltry 135/1.


What a finish!


Listening in my tent whilst texting with Rust Cohle who was at least a minute ahead of me.

At the start of the 11th I texted him to ask if AJ needed a KO and Rust, whilst already dancing round the room celebrating AJ’s victory, texted back “Think so” just so he didn’t spoil it for me.

Mates like that are priceless.

Love to see the replay. .


I did my living room door on the last bank holiday weekend. Very satisfying, isn’t it?


Luckily, I was too pissed to bet.


Yeah. That was a fight.


Had 38 Tanduay’s on Joshua to win got back a 54 San Miguel’s


Just watched the fight now on SM on demand … didn’t know the result beforehand.

Great contest, just how you want a fight to be. Two hard as nails fighters and none of the pre-fight/weigh in bollocks.

A lot of respect to Klitschko, he fought well and up to the final round, was only a punch away from winning it himself. Felt a bit sorry for him in the last round, when he was valiantly pulling himself up off the canvass, his brain pinging around in his head, with 92,000 Joshua fans on their feet, baying for his blood.

Great test for Joshua. He had to work for it but he’s shown he can handle the step up to the next level. He looks the real deal to me and it’s good to see a current english heavyweight, who isn’t a complete tosser.


Still buzzing. That was beyond words at times. I though AJ had been found wanting late in fifth and then 6th round. The arguments (may still be valid) about too much muscle etc looked true. He then took a few rounds ‘off’ to recharge and then came back like he did. It’s crazy really. He shouldn’t yet be a world champion ideally as he’s a relative novice. His defence isn’t good enough… BUT he has an innate ability to win. Tysonesque in his intent when he throws the combos plus, and this is what a lot lack, he genuinely likes to fight. There’s real spite when he’s in fight mode. It’s rumoured that on one of the many face offs after last press conference, he turned off his mic and told wlad that he was going to hurt him. I think this was after the silly memory stick nonsense.

Imagine how good he can be. Heavyweight boxing is well and truly sexy again… in a manly way of course.


There is nothing manly about investing time and/ or money watching semi naked men ponce around in a ring or on a football pitch for that matter. It is a tacit admission of inferiority. A real man (or woman) demonstrating manlyness participates. He/she is not a passive observer.

My participation in this important discussion you have raised on the topic of manlyness ends here. No further comments. FYI I am not going to read anyone’s responses, so that i am still manly. So maybe don’t bother yeah?


Looking again at that final round you have to admire the courage of Klitschko who just kept picking himself up off the floor.


Real men participate in discussions.


Watched the fight. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Britain is making a run for world capital of boxing. Wembley looked spectacular. The fight was like a fucking Rocky film. Fair play to AJ for hanging in there. He looked completely lost in the sixth, but clearly had a two bites of the cherry strategy going on. If Klitschko don’t go on try one, have another go later on.

Anyway, one of my favourite bits was Lennox Lewis. He fought Wladimir’s bro Vitali, and while I have no general problem with that fight (Vitali’s eye was proper fucked from Round 2), Lewis did look shit for swerving the rematch and retiring.

Here’s Lennox on that fight, a week ago

Here’s Lennox looking gutted Sat night in AJ’s moment of glory :lou_sunglasses: