Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


If it is that important for “young people” to have their own event I am sure someone will give them what they want. Go for it Barry!


Yes I’ll sort that.


More about those middle class Tarquins stealing tickets from the mouths of the poor youngsters

FIVE free tickets - thieving cnuts

Nice freebie, Jezza! How Corbyn got two free tickets for Glastonbury worth £500 while Tom Watson received five with hospitality valued at £2,400

  • Jeremy Corbyn accepted two Glastonbury tickets from organisers worth £476
  • **Tom Watson received five plus hospitality from Live Nation worth £2,445 **
  • Labour’s Louise Haigh received two £450 tickets plus camping from lobbyists
  • **The MPs made the revelations on the latest Register of Parliamentary Interests **

:lou_sunglasses: :lou_sunglasses:


At least it was all declared.


Corbyn didn’t pay to attend an event to which he was invited??

Shit! :astonished: That’s a big news story.

You’ll be telling me next that the Queen doesn’t pay to go to horse racing…


tbf Jezza admitted the entry tickets. which is all well and good and he gave good value for them and very publicly as well.

But why did Tom Watson accept FIVE corporate hospitality tickets worth thousands?



I’m not sure that declaring five tickets to watch Ed Sheeran murder his own back catalogue stacks up against four decades of duck houses, second homes and cabinet ministers getting jailed.

If we are really hunting for a dodgy leftie, I suspect Blair pulled worse stunts than Glastogate on a weekly basis.


Oh this is funny today on Twitter. @glastowatch leading the charge






No chance of Early Doors making a surprise guest appearance then!



The peasants will probably be too busy waving their pitchforks and storming Frankenstein’s castle at number 10.(we can hope)



Ha ha. Wankers.


In the absence of Glasto, I’m going Primavera again next year.

Bit of a holiday with a festival attached.

Flights are fucking extortionate, mind.


Really? I was looking at this. Flying out 29th May and back 5th June is currently £112 from Gatwick with Easyjet. That’s reasonable times too.



People flying to attend Festivals. - It’ll never catch on…


Ah we are coming back on the Sunday, got return from Heathrow (which is better for me) on BA for £180. You don’t really miss anything coming back on the Sunday anyway.

Easyjet was £220 to come back that day. You’d probs spend the extra on accommodation/food/drink anyway.

Would defo recommended the festival though, really enjoyed it when I went in 2016.


Hey @thecholulakid , were you thinking of going Primavera as a family?

Apols if I’ve got that wrong (thought I remembered you said taking family to Green Man? - Again, sorry if I am mistaken).

If so, bear in mind the festival goes through the night. So you get 1/2 acts starting about 7, then headliners about 9/10, then the rest of the bill goes ‘back wards’ through the night.

I haven’t got kids, so could be way off, but dunno how compatible that would be.