Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


Pap suggested this and says this is also a way of getting in, I wonder how successful is it for people from the Dingle or Canny Farm? Thats scheme is for Tarquins who can afford a conscience and how hard is it to get into in the first place?

Probably a closed shop for Peru bound Veronica’s.


No Barry it isn’t.

I’ve stayed at one of the volunteer camps with a mate.

Unless Tarquins drive white vans or coaches or worked at Pains Wessex there were none on that site.

#fullenglishbreakfast man yes plenty of those


There’ll always be a few who slip through the net, connections? Done it before?
Volunteering at festivals is for old people with a conscience and gap ya’s wanting experience of being dirty.



I’m off to bed but when I wake I’ll go through it.



They Found Bread Guy!


Just another crusty.


Now this is fecking annoying

If they do play, I will have to renege on my promise never to go to a festival again.

C’mon guys, do wembly / O2 / Olympic park - don’t make me have to stand in a muddy field with the unwashed


I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the claim, but it’s often said that one of the first calls Michael Eavis makes when planning every festival is to Led Zep asking them to play.

I’d love it, but would be extremely surprised if it came to pass.

That said, I’ve been spectacularly wrong about this shit plenty of times in the past, so fuck knows.



Also, if we are bringing back bands of that ilk, can the Eavis’ pull their fucking fingers out and book Fleetwood Mac, ffs.


Don’t worry @cb-saint the closest Glastonbury has come to getting rain when Plant and Page are there is this.


You don’t know who’s actually playing at the time you buy your tickets.

Another wonder of Glastonbury. Most Americans I know can’t get their heads around it.

I’m sure you’ll have fun anyway. If you decide to go, and don’t chicken out on general, join my fighting force of extraordinary magnitude in 2019. (My own ticket depending)


Having been to several back in my yoof, I would rather feed my scrotum through a mincer than go to another festival, however for Zep I would happily stand there turning the handle.


Now you’re all talking about the next one shouldn’t the thread title be changed to Glastonbury 2019?

& maybe continue posting then,?



Yes it should have the headline with something like

“The middle age ticket taking journey to the pyramid stage”


Last time i made a journey to the pyramid stage, it wasn’t tickets that i was taking.

Is that what you do when you’re middle aged, take tickets?

No wonder old blokes dance like they’re busting for a shit.


I just got around to watching the final Glastonbury programme and Ed Sheeran was horrendous…

I got cramp in my fast-forwarding finger and everytime I stopped he was either murdering hip-hop as a genre, or callously raping Irish folk music via a deranged loop-fest.

I’m sure he’s a lovely bloke, but if you see him going near another studio, think of the kids and chuck yourself in front of his car, just to delay the process long enough for some people to locate ear plugs.


He was shite and I like the bloke, how was he a headliner?
The BBC and I love its coverage is so so biased over Glastonbury (don’t call it Glasto, tits call it Glasto), its was an ok one for the viewer certainly not memorable and yet we’re bombasted with the magic of this middle class middle aged gathering.


Michael Eavis has admitted that Glastonbury has become too middle-aged and middle-class. ‘We have to try to get the youngsters back, the 16-, 17- and 18-year-olds,’ he said. ‘The 30- and 40-year-olds who now swarm the festival like overgrown teens desperately seeking kicks are too well-mannered and polite and respectable… which changes the character of it.’


At £240 a ticket it’s a mystery why the event is becoming something that young people seem to avoid…