Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


Still haven’t got over your inability to get a ticket? Because you’ve just described yourself(if only you had got a ticket).

Cheer up you miserable cunt. Things aren’t automatically shit just because you’re not involved.


In fact, things are probably automatically much better when Bazza isn’t involved.


See what happens when they let under 40’s into Glasto?


Once saw a lad with a baguette in his backpack in a mosh pit at Reading. Kids eh!


I think you’ll find you were in the wrong place Niki…you were in fact, in the Nosh Pit.

Easy mistake. :lou_lol:


Wow, that is edgier than a feshly sharpened combine harvester blade :lou_facepalm_2:


They are stalking Bazza


I know some people going to Latitude.

I met them at Glasto. They were middle class, no doubt, but Labour supporters, fucking lovely, and I suspect one might have a hand in sorting out Alzheimers.

Apparently weed is very good for staving it off :lou_lol:


Well I thought it was funny anyway Slowlane :lou_lol:


I’m sure somebody recently told me it affected short term memory but I can’t remember.


Do you have a coat @btripz ?



Watched Plant and Page there in the mid 90’s.

If true, i may go again :lou_smiley:


Mid 90’s is about their age…


I did consider this(they might be shit now), but if me buying a ticket stops you getting one, it’ll still be worth it :lou_smiley:


They certainly aren’t going to be at the top of their game, this is exactly what I’m on about, style over substance, get the biggest rock bands for sure but make sure they can still play and perform, do they play with a substitute guitarist?


Just sitting through the Foo Fighters set. Is it okay to prefer them to Nirvana yet?



Different bands, different time

Same old little drummer boy (ok guitarist now) though.

The latter starting to get a bit too derivative - for me tbf, so am feeling less inclined to go see them / buy whole albums.


If you like pop rock yes of course.


Can’t post FB links easily on here but…

IF you want to get in to festivals for free…

Then head to the Oxfam GB page and volunteer.

Ah actually bad idea it will mean blocking a space for someone who works but can’t afford a ticket.

As you were then.