Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


Some edgy moments from Glasto over the years

One of the best gigs ever…

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Yes the wombles bumming on the common could be seen as edgy, but selling out for Glastonbury? Pap was watching Steve Earle in the Tofu/Yurt pavilion.


I have very little agenda to get through at Glastonbury, Barry.

I usually spend most of my time partying and/or talking to people.


What did Steve Earle sing Pap?


I don’t know if I heard him, Barry. That’s probably because I’ve seen more acts by accident in one festival than you’ve managed on purpose in the last two years overall.

Let’s be nice to Steve and say “yep I did see it and it was fucking awesome, especially the part where he bit the head off a Tory politician”. Well done Steve!


Great post @nottarf-krap and hits the nail on the head for me … only been once since they built the 2nd fence but before that I probably did 10 or 12 of them and everyone one of them was a unique experience for a variety of different reasons, I can still remember clearly so many off the wall ‘Glastonbury moments’ and tho I couldn’t tell you what year such and such happened, I could tell you who was playing, be it the Oasis year or the Pulp year or the 808 State year or the Hawkwind 9 years lol

I couldn’t really compare those times to nowadays because it’s been years since I went but I’d imagine todays Glastonbury is a different kettle of fish completely.

… getting a bit nostalgic now, I miss being a nipper :lou_sad:


Why thank you good sir, it’s nice to be appreciated :lou_sunglasses:


A real festival has one stage a list of legendary figures, you turn up with an air of blind optimism, wearing a combat jacket carrying a large piece of folded polythene. You have a Bluet gas burner, a small saucepan and a tin of Heinz baked beans with cocktail sausages.

You sit in the drizzle under your piece of polythene and when the weekend is over you’ve seen…Canned Heat, John Mayall with Peter Green, Steppenwolf, Johnny Winter, Pink Floyd, Fairport Convention, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Frank Zappa, Byrds, Santana, Dr. John, Hawkwind, Moody Blues…all on the same stage.

You thumb a lift home.




Lol @barry-sanchez



Just imagine all that rubbish left in bins for a councils to collect on their “monthly” or “insh’allah” collectionsinstead of being processed so quickly by the Glasto team



Think we can close this thread now as we have PAPFEST coming up in September.

Cheers Glastonbury your relevance is at an end.



Been catching up with Glastonbury downloads tonight and it has occured to me that this is, annually, the biggest and best festival on the planet every year. FFS why knock it?


Because that is the nature of you lot.

Whingeing Poms.

Be successful - moan.

In its simplest form I note a Scottish twat lost a Tennis Match yesterday


Middle aged ticket takers fun deniers of the youth, Thatchers children for sure.

Step aside and create a comfy yurt sleeping middle of the road performing Sunday legend spot in a field good for transport connections, M&S and WIFI.


Bazza, have you got one of those spinners, like a Daily Mail headline generator?




His name isn’t Bazza.

It’s Jonathon.

He hasn’t been on vacation he’s spent 2 weeks trolling anything Glasto on Twitter with made up facts.

200k tickets sold - where all the money etc