Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


Can of Magners…


Fray Bentos pie?


Man demonstrates exactly how edgy he is by spending the evening along with the grandmothers of middle-England, tucked up on their sofas, glued to some dull elitist nonesense from SW19 on the BBC…




The cows are back.

Not edgy, but I was moo-ved.


So Bazza is really torn because he missed Kanye singing Bohemian Rhapsody

And gutted he missed Jayzee singing Wonderwall.

But then only one of those moments was worth paying to see so he’d still moan


Lol … with a glass of Pimms no doubt @barry-sanchez :lou_lol:


I think we can even forgive Glastonbury for not having The Killers headline.

They’re headline exclusive for Hyde Park, and couldn’t headline anywhere else in UK, apparently.

There’s still that Ed Sheeran issue though.


On the Ed Sheeran subject, did anyone see that he quit social media this week?

Apparently, he’s peeved because people are calling him an irritating ginger busker.

Surely there is no more apt demonstration of not being able to escape your circumstances. I suspect that Junior Ed got mercilessly bullied at school for being ginge. He probably took the notion that he’d become a world famous pop star and show them all at that point. Now he’s getting bullied by the entire world.


Does than mean I’ve been a by-stander that never dropped a penny in his cap from his meteoric rise to his withdawal from modern life.

Risking blowing my “street cred”…who was he anyway?


The big Glasto group of 2016 was sundered this year. @intiniki didn’t get tickets in the resale, and was staying somewhere else. The other two of our party decided to fuck Glastonbury off entirely, aiming for Mad Cool in Madrid. They are there now and it’s fucking pissing down.

You shouldn’t laugh, but at the same time, it’ll never not be funny, especially when stacked up against a dry Glasto.


Pap when was your first Glastonbury?

  1. It’s not a big secret. I believe it is documented on TSW.

Missed out on 2015, but managed to get to the others since. If anything, the festival has gotten progressively more political in my time there.

Was 1999 your only Glastonbury?




I just watched Father John Misty’s performance. I enjoyed it.


Did John play Misty for me?


Well you got there in the end Barry! :lou_lol: I’m sorry Pap, but if you only discovered the Glastonbury Festival three years ago, still in your first ‘Glastonbury flush’,(we’ve all been there), how can you possibly pass judgement on the merits of the original Glastonbury’s in comparison to the present day ones? Chalk and cheese. And believe me, the Glastonbury’s of 30 years ago were very political, back in the bad days of Thatcher, when the RAF buzzed the Glastonbury site to drown out the speeches by prominent CND campaigners. Helicopters filming people. That was when the penny dropped with me and i’m sure many others. Overnight i went from being a ‘Liberal’ to a ‘left winger’, (whatever that means)! Now that is political!

Glastonbury Festival changed forever in 2002 when the Eavis family handed over operational control to the Mean Fiddler group. From that day on the festival became just another commercial enterprise. Nothing wrong with that, it is plain that the whole thing had become far too big for the Eavis’s, the Mean Fiddler group were very successful, knew their market and were the obvious choice. But that’s when the whole ethos behind the festival changed, and lets not pretend otherwise. From being a festival where, when i first went in the early 1980s, you could rock up on the Thursday morning, drive into the main arena, pick your spot, park the car and pitch your tent beside it, to suddenly become huge, queuing for hours to get in, aggressive in your face security etc. In short it just became like all the rest of these type of events. And was poorer for it. Glastonbury now is still great, in the context of what it is, a showcase of artistic talents of all forms. But it is now the populist equivalent of Glyndebourne, free tickets doled out to the likes of Kate Moss, politicians, the Beckhams etc, who all stay in their own little posh enclave backstage in their Winnebagos, making sure they are get papped for the next days papers. It is now part of the social calendar, up there with Henley, Wimbledon etc, the place to be seen at. You can’t turn the clock back, that is how it is now. Barry’s sentiments regarding more tickets for young people is admirable, but in todays world just couldn’t happen. It is all about the dollars. Too much money being made. Although the Eavis’s, the old man and Emily, still have the major say in which bands they want to headline, the rest of it is out of their hands. It is a commercial enterprise, and a very successful one too. Nothing wrong with that at all. But the day’s of Glastonbury having that extra bit of magic, the altruism, have long gone.


I won’t like the above as it seems like I am gloating.


Yes BUT.

Without these changes Glasto would NOT have survived.

That area of Somerset IS Little England. Thousands of citizens and farmers hated it. Even today Glasto is still hated by local nimbys and farmers.

Eavis does huge amounts for the community from giving local acts a chance - filling the local pubs & working men’s clubs with life as acts of all kinds go through Idol like auditions.

Glasto Abbey extravaganza, cheap and free tickets as well as letting any local who asks provide the clamping or supplies.

Yet still many farmers hate it as do many nimbys.

He has brought wealth and trickle down. Many locals have free vacations or new cars from letting their homes to production & build crews.

But the locals had enough of the edginess decades ago the crime the dross and the inconvenience. Almost 100,000 people are now involved as security traffic control vendors and construction yet still some locals want it stopped.

Even people living far away in for example Amesbury hate it for the traffic.

It HAD to evolve, your Island is too small and too full of nimbys and idiots demanding it only meets THEIR tastes.

It’s is a massive glorious successful compromise. There are many festivals.

But only 1 Glasto


Sorry @nottarf-krap - great post on the history. Not so great on the detail.

Aggressive security guards? No altruism?

I’ve met one twat of a security guard in three years of going. She stopped me because I looked like I was off my head (I was), and pretty much all of her peers thought she’d overstepped the mark. Otherwise, I’ve been incredibly impressed, not least when a member of this aggressive post 2002 security did a 100 minute round trip to get my lost daughter back to our campervan site.

Before I did general camping, I might have agreed with your point on altruism. Going in and out everyday made us feel like part-timers and outsiders, especially since most of the people around us on the glamping thing were loaded. This year, not a chance. Our camp cluster had a wee barter system set up almost immediately.

Glastonbury got successful and maintained its success. It hasn’t done that at the cost of its soul, and while I haven’t been there to witness the transition, I know plenty of others that have. If Glastonbury is as good to them, or better, than it was before, I really don’t see why the modern festival needs to pander to romantic notions that probably didn’t exist then anyway.