Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


That would depend on a whole lot of things wouldn’t it?


Ah, they were the days! When being “edgy” meant singing “sewing machine” instead of “silver machine!” :lou_sunglasses:

You must have been -3 back in 1972 Barry? Now that WAS edgy!


Sounds like halcyon days that…


1972 was a great year for music. Schools Out was in the charts and for Prog Heads like me there was Trilogy from ELP, Close To The Edge from Yes and Foxtrot from Genesis. For the rockers there was Machine Head from Deep Purple. Happy days!


I wonder whether our esteemed musicologist, Bazza, could provide us with a definition of ‘edgy music’ in terms of what actually constitutes edgy music.


Pretty much agree and understand where you’re coming from Baz but this point doesn’t really apply.

Artists play Glastonbury because they want to not because of the riches. Glastonbury organisers have a policy of paying minimal fee’s even for the headline acts. The vast majority (even some very well known ones} play for a small token fee and the kudos.

The highest fee Glasto has ever paid for an act was The Rolling Stones the other year which was around the £20,000 mark, which for a band with their huge world wide infrastructure is pretty much expenses. Normally you’d be talking probably close to a million to get them to play.

I don’t know what my point is, just thought I’d share this little known* fact. I was amazed when I first heard it.

*it’s known within the music industry obviously

and a few ITK ers :lou_sunglasses:


I read an article the other day saying the same thing. He still holds his hippy values too and only lets certain brands trade there.


I want to know more about Hawkwind riding high into Glastonbury on a 9 year hit…


Didn’t they want tv rights or something that was the reason they didn’t play before and also they were on a World tour, the Stones couldn’t give a shite about Glastonbury, selling t shirts and albums yes indeed but not a field in Somerset, just a tick box exercise.


What a shame Bazza missed the dance glories of Chic, Clean Bandit & Fat boy Slim this year.


Or of course that Prodigy set on the Other Stage some 9 years back


but it was a bit of milestone for them. Glastonbury is a big deal worldwide … every band wants to be able say they’ve played there at least once in their career … they’ve got so much money anyway they probably didn’t a give a fuck how much they were getting paid

… anyway true story mate


For those who don’t know the original, the 12-inch mix of Silver Machine was nine years long.


For me its a new genre or risque/political music, straight outta compton was probably my first edgy album along with eazy duz it and iceburg, rap music in the mid to late 80’s was very political.


… Light years ??


I have to admit it is sad but I am laughing out loud at the thought of a band rolling into Glastonbury riding high on a 9 year hit.


Ha ha ha, I’ll readily bow to your expert knowledge of all things Hawkwind

given you’re the one who brought up a desire for edgy music, I think it’s incumbent on you to define what you mean.


You’ve put him on the spot now … he’s probably having a brainstorm at the moment


Glued to the box watching Murray.


Prawn sandwich and a drop of Chablis?