Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


81 - Hawkwind, New Order, Ginger Baker.

82 Van Morrison, Jackson Browne

Good Murdoching though Bath.

Do you want me to list the old ones or do you want to look them up?


Yeah, always been a weird mix(might have something to do with it’s success). Part of the fun was unexpectedly finding new acts, or realising some that you believed no good, were in fact excellent live acts.

The headliners are no real indication of how the whole event will go(i’m still going to take the piss out of anyone that went in 1986).


With or without a happy ending @dubai_phil ?

Asking for a friend…


But to be fair Bt, Ed Sheeran is still a cunt


Oh I’m not disputing that :lou_eyes_to_sky:


The Cure and the Psychedelic Furs played, a bit more edgy than Ed Sheeran and Katy Perry…



It is your and Bazza’s collective assertion that Glastonbury has gotten more commercial over the years.

Neither of you have been to the festival over the years. Barry’s last visit was 1999, John Major was Prime Minister when you last went.

If someone wants to comment on the changing nature of a festival over time, you’d really expect their opinions to be backed up by time at the festival. You can call it idiotic if you want, but for me, your point is even more so.

Stop being so fucking defensive and just ponder how seriously you’d take the view of a football fan that last went to a game in 1995.


I think you’re being defensive Pap, we’re just saying what the critics are saying, don’t listen to us listen to them, when was your first Glastonbury?


I hope you’re not implying that any of those ones you mention were in any way edgy. Hawkwind were riding high off Silver Machine, and the others had already been around for yonks.

All I did was list some of the headline acts from the wikipedia page on Glasto to illustrate that it has always had its fair share of Ed Sheerans and Katy Perrys. In other words. little has changed in several decades.

Incidentally, when you went in 1999, headline acts included the incredibly mainstream REM, Manics, Texas, Al Green (oh yes, indeed) and Kula Shaker (lol). Nothing wrong with that, but you can hardly say any of them were edgy.


So you didn’t pick out the shitest ones?

Ha Ha.

I went in 99 for the dance music to be honest, superstar DJ and all that.


And if Hawkwind were riding high off silver machine it must have been the best selling single of 1972 and all the way to the festival in 81.

Bath put a up slide to your students and say you’re a chancer son,


Nope, I quite like a lot of them. And of course you went for the dance music (Mr AC/DC :lou_wink:) and that is fine. All I’m saying is that Glasto has always had a mix of the cool and edgy and the mainstream acts.

As it happens, the BS clan are off to a tiny festival in the stunning Peak District called RecRock. Last year, The Farm headlined and were great fun. This year we have Space. Nothing edgy whatsoever, but amazing vistas of the English countryside, nice and compact so not too much traipsing around and we’ll all have a great time for the princely sum of £110 all in.


Ohhhh, dance music, edgy stuff that…

And you whinge about James Blunt and a pedal :lou_facepalm_2:


In your opinion. Mainstream drivel in mine and about as edgy as water. Still sounds worse than this years line up(and i’m guessing the under 25’s agree).

You’re very middle of the road when it comes to music Barry.


The festival I am going to Color me Badd are headlining riding high off their 1991 hit I wanna sex you up…


Late 90’s was brilliant for dance music, two great albums of different dance genres were classics, play and surrender.

Where have I said my musical tastes were or are edgy? That doesn’t mean I don’t want a younger edgier audience and less commercial music on.


And “dance” music wasn’t commercial in the early 90s?


Without any recent experience of your own :lou_sunglasses:

I am critical of your critics. Still, if you want to present second hand opinions as your own, that’s fair enough. Just don’t expect anyone to take you seriously.


When was you first Galstonbury? I say this as you must have seen a change from then till now, my mates have.

As for quoting others I suggest you never link in or quote anything to reinforce your point my boy.