Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


The one and only time I went (1992) if someone of the ilk of Katy Perry (or Barry fucking Gibb) turned up they’d have lasted less than a song before getting bottled off.



I was at that one! And no, I didn’t pay.

Happy Mondays were shit.

Boo Yah Tribe were brilliant!

I did way too many mushrooms.



Shame that the yoof of today have ways of buying music that the yoof of 25 years ago hate.

That’s never happened before.


Bottling and throwing glasses at the stage is a long held tradition at Reading if the band aren’t up to it, and long may it continue, stick your prosecco up your arse, there is nothing wrong with Kay Perry per se but there is everything wrong with her performing at Glastonbury.

Its not festival music and neither are many of them, Ed Sheeran closing also is shocking, again nothing wrong with him but himself and a pedal machine closing out is crap.
Safe commercial choices = boring


I genuinely don’t see how that’s relevant, but 95 was when I last went.

You realise your using the good ol’ fashioned Saintsweb trick of “I’m more of a fan than you because I’ve had a season ticket for x years and you don’t even go to games”?


And yet loads of young people like Ed Sheeran, attested by the fact that he had 15 out of the top 20 recently because of downloads!!

Which generation download tracks more???


Of course it’s relevant. You’ve not been for 22 years.

That’s a generation and more.

My kids, who’ve been three times in the last four years, weren’t even born when you last went.


Bazza’s successfully derailed this thread at least twice now. Good off season behaviour, @barry-sanchez

Not really sure what his point is though. Glastonbury in it’s 80s/90s guise couldn’t exist in 2017. It has become (for want of a better word) ‘gentrified’ - nothing wrong with that and it was entirely inevitable.

It’s not for me now and in its current format wouldn’t have been for me when I was 20 either however there is plenty of stuff out there for ‘edgy teenage Barrys’ that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Think this might be another case of Bazza barking at clouds in the vain hope of holding back progress.


Apart from that cleste and someone else having bottles thrown I’ve not seen anyone throw bottles at the stage at Reading. It’s so far away you need to be pretty strong.

At any festival or rock gig there’s plenty of bottle/pint throwing. Sure my parter had piss thrown at him at pop festival V festival. Edgy. In fact the Stafford one was the most aggressive festival I’ve been too. Reading was gentile in comparison.

Music festivals are about music. Whatever genre. What s wrong with having what people like. At Glastonbury there’s plenty for everyone. From obsure bands to popular ones.


Or King Canute


Commercially successful doesn’t have to be also mainstream, Glastonbury plays it safe, popular is what the headliners are and what is mainly on the tv, less mainstream, less fees cheaper tickets.


Mrs RB got struck on the head by a shoe at a Specials gig a couple of years ago.

I thought it was cool and a great bit of street cred.

She didn’t.


Dear Bazza.

I’d be happy to throw pint glasses of piss at you and only charge you £50 but I think there are places in Germany that offer that service more edgily


Banter Phil that lad.


Glastonbury has aways had mainstream acts. How about these ‘edgy’ outfits down the ages?

1979 - Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, Sky (yep, Sky played Glasto)

1981 - Aswad, Thompson Twins (sooo edgy)

1982 - Aswad (again), The Chieftains, Sad Cafe

1983 - Aswad (again!), The Chieftains (again), Marillion (lol), UB40 (in their pomp - Red Red Wine, anyone?)

1984 - Aswad (again!!!), The Waterboys, Fairport Convention, Ian Dury, Joan Baez

1985 - (No Aswad this time!), Echo and the Bunny’s, Madness, King (lol), James (inevitably), The Style Council

1986 - The Housemartins, Level 42 (lol), Lloyd Cole, Fuzzbox (oh yes!), The Waterboys (Wgole of the Moon, anyone?)…

1987 - Voice of the Beehive, PWEI, Husker Du, Robert Cray, Proclaimers (walking 100 miles), The Communards…

1988 - The Waterboys (again!!), All About Eve, Wonderstuff, Hothouse Flowers (lol)

1990 - Happy Mondays, Adamski, World Party (Waterboys by proxy), Jesus Jones (lol), James (again)

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like most of these bands and most of them have done interesting stuff but I wouldn’t have called them very edgy, given they were all on TotP at various points.


For what it’s worth. during the late eighties/ early nineties i wouldn’t have considered Glastonbury to be edgy. Scoring a bag full of Dennis the Menaces or Rhubarbs and hanging out at Rownhams at midnight, waiting to find out where the rave was going to be was edgy.



OK, big thumbs up, what actual relevance does that have? I can still see with my eyes who is booked to play on the stages - why do I have to go to know a lot of the acts are commercial pop acts?

Bathsaint has made a much more valid point by listing acts from bygone Glastonburys that were also mainstream - your point comes down to “you didn’t go recently so you can’t have an opinion”, and that’s just idiotic.

I’m not even interested enough in this subject to keep discussing it, I’ll leave it to Barry who has much more stamina to listen to you than I do.


Ah, the good old days.

You couldn’t get duller middle-class shit if you tried. That’s a line up for the comatosed.

Best leave the past where it belongs.


There probably was some edgy stuff going on somewhere at the fesitval but this lot were the headliners.

I think all this shows is that, for decades, Glasto has been a mix of the mainstream acts there to attract the hordes and a whole load of niche acts who, on their own, would have attracted barely anyone.