Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


Still trading on past “glories”, Bazza?

I still don’t think you’re a Labour man, btw. And aren’t you moving out of Liverpool soon to pursue the bright lights of Halton?

You’re expecting us to take you seriously based on your watching TV for a couple of nights each year.


Not yet, seeing what is happening on the work front, no don’t take me seriously at all, take what the commentators and critics say, it doesn’t fit in with your agenda so you deny it true or relevant.

I want to go, I want a ticket but I want a younger more relevant crowd, sounds a fair comment really.

The thing is on your previous accusations, they say more about you than me, I don’t need to preach it but you went out on a limb and it well snapped didn’t it?


This is just getting ridiculous.

How is a younger crowd more relevant to a relative dinosaur like yourself?


Jesus Christ pap, it’s quite simple isn’t it? Barry wants Glasto to return to its younger, edgier, less commercial vibe, whilst still quite liking the idea of going himself - the two aren’t mutually exclusive are they?


Pap and others seem to think it is, I want to be one of the oldies trying to get one of the 25% of the tickets, it isn’t rocket science.

Agenda’s and the middle aged are a strange mix.


Barry hasn’t been to Glastonbury in eighteen years. I think if you review the collective contributions of those that actually go, and treat them at something at close to face value, you’ll logically conclude he is talking out of his hoop on pretty much all of his points.

@intiniki 's bf is my Glastonbury go-to guru. He has been going for decades. I think he’d tell you that the biggest change to Glastonbury was the introduction of the ring of steel, and the resulting drop in thefts and assaults in the years that have followed.

I also don’t understand your shared assertion that Glastonbury is too commercial. You might point to glamping, etc, but the vast majority of that is done off-site. It is the only major festival to allow you to take your own food and drink into the festival. You could easily go there and spend no money. Try that at any other major festival.


Ffs. Haven’t we covered this ad nauseam?

On another topic I do like your “young lad” comments to the others and am trying to work out how old you are as you come across as a miserable old sod a lot.

Fingers crossed you get a Glasto 2019 ticket. I look forward to your blog about it. I am sure it will be insightful.

Anyway I am off to chew on some tofu.


I’ll think I’ll take the experts and critics view on it, when was your first Glastonbury?

You’ll probably say it needs a younger crowd when you don’t want to go anymore, surprise surprise.


I’m 42 going on 76 with a mental of my daughter who’s 3.


Green Man. Without the shit music too.


Good to know. It looks excellent, but it’s not major. It’s 20K people.


How long’s a generation?


@barry-sanchez complains that Glastonbury is too “middle class” and not “edgy” enough!!

His solution :- sell 75% of tickets to under-25s

Problem :- A weekend at Glastonbury, as far as I can work out from this thread, costs upwards of £500. So how many “working class” kids are going to be able to afford that. Surely then only the Tarquins and Arabellas will be able to go as Mumsy and Pops will “fund” them.

Result :- More middle-class under 25s at Glastonbury making it less “edgy”


If you want edgy Bazza you could head to Victorious Festival in full Saints kit.


I have also said my son that make it cheaper and have acts that want to play and not such big headliners go on have a look I wrote it.


I’m not talking about where you can buy your prawn sandwich for your picnic, I’m talking about the poppification of the festival musically - you know, Katy Perry playing the main stage? It’s slowly becoming the UK’s Coachella, which is shit considering it used to be, to use Bazza’s vocabulary, “edgy”.



Leave Katy Perry out of it TMO.

She pwned that stage for her hour.


An old rocker.

Actually she was a classic case of what is great about Glasto - go see someone you hate because you’re stuck in mud or waiting for next act and boom fall in love.

It’s the mix that works. I’ve discovered Leonard Cohen Lady Gaga Elbow Dolly Parton Tame Impala Angel Olsen and of course Metallica & the Bellowheads Hell, even Tiny Tempah Seasick Steve & Gossip

Would never have downloaded their stuff without the joy of saying oh shit why are we here NOW

Katy Perry’s crowd surf was the wrongest thing since Amy Winehouse’s right hook - brilliant


Last went to Glastonbury in 1990 - the only ‘edgy’ folk then were genuine crusties trying to break in over the fence. The inside crustafarians were all on their gaaap yars. The rest was the usual mix of stinky students like me, stinky unemployed picking up litter and stinky hippies selling vegan samosas and leather bracelets whilst chilling out to James and Roy Harper… I think Barry is having nostalgia for something that never really existed past about 1985…


And yet on that same main stage, on the same day, you had an issues led rap combo, and the Foo Fighters. Also, you’ve got whole sections of the festival turned over for urban and/or dance music.

Katy Perry isn’t my cup of tea, but others do enjoy her music and performances.

When was your last trip to the festival?


It was no effort at at all. Just got a Local to show us where(£20 for 4 of us).

You’re probably right about the rest. It does bring back a clear memory(obviously not enough drugs that day).