Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


More old people


I’m also a bit meh when it comes to the Flaming Lips but I did see them live at SXSW, Texas, a few years back and they were good fun … opened the set with a storming cover of Bohemian Rhapsody (full version with operatics) … who the fuck would even attempt that !!! :lou_surprised:


and would you believe it, just found the very same gig on you tube

video quality’s a bit shit, sounded better on the night and those balloons were massive


Yeah yeah I know you did camping and all that. But germs can be spread easily when packed into crowds when he was at the front of the gigs etc. Germs have no boundaries.


I packed the hand sanitizer and used it. I just have the residual cough from before Glastonbury which the dust didn’t help. Damn those hot sunny festivals.


Naughty Glasto bastards


Naughty Jezza…

So, Glasto offer people 8 hours of work. People then complain when they get 2.5 days work (and not the 10 that happened due to the floods last year)

Jezza then jumps on bandwagon


What is this? A middle aged self indulgent flu fest?

What next?

Oh I sprained my ankle in Tanzania with Cameron.

Oh I chipped a tooth on some dodgy tofu off that street seller in Sarawak…


Tofu would have to be VERY dodgy to chip a tooth. It’s notoriously soft and squidgy.

Other than that, what are you on about old chap?


He probably thinks that because everyone is old and drinks wine and middle class at Glasto they obviuously eat Sushi

And here’s the proof about the middle class Wine Guzzlers. LBV ffs


Glastonbury = Too old, too middle class, too little risk.


Glastonbury wannabe =Too many old middle class Barry’s wanting tickets, too many old shit bands wanted, too much hypocrisy from the old.


Keep 'em coming, @barry-sanchez


How many kids were there? Handy I suppose for somewhere the grandparents could drop the kids off whilst they went off and thought they were 30 years younger…


“Too old” :lou_sunglasses:


Middle aged propaganda.

75% of the tickets should go to the under 25’s, simple as that.


0% of the tickets have gone to you in the last eighteen years.

I think in determining your main beef with Glastonbury, it’s as simple as that.


Strangely it would appear that odds improve when you have a group of mates all trying for tickets (our you are an IT Guru)…


You do know what it means to jump on a bandwagon do you?

“Jezza” has consistently condemned zero hours contracts ever since he became leader of the Labour Party. In the statement issued yesterday he didn’t mention Glastonbury at all, so the Guardian headline, “Jeremy Corbyn attacks use of zero-hours contracts at Glastonbury” is false and misleading, just another attempt by the Guardian to undermine him. Gleefully seized upon by you to insinuate that he is a hypocrite and bandwagon jumper.

The statement from Corbyn’s spokesperson yesterday said,

“'Jeremy and the Labour Party have taken a very strong stand against the use of zero-hours contracts, and the exploitation of migrant and other workers, and the spread of all manner of insecure agency working, and we would take that view wherever it happened”.

Considering this has been his consistent position ever since the introduction of zero-hours contracts became known, to accuse him of “jumping on a bandwagon” is clearly ridiculous and probably says more about you than “Jezza”. Lets face it, you couldn’t resist the opportunity to get a dig in, scraping the barrel in your attempts to rubbish him, even though it doesn’t bear scrutiny. Indeed, one could be uncharitable and suggest that the only one jumping on a bandwagon here is you. :lou_lol: Must try harder!


You presumed for years of accusations I didn’t live in in Liverpool and wasn’t a Labour man, I take your presumptions with scant regard my boy.