Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury 2017


I agree with @thecholulakid , most of their stuff is a bit dud, with some really great stuff scattered in amongst it (I do adore Do You Realise?).

That said, they are fantastically fun live. Seen them a couple of times at festivals, and they are just made for that sort of thing.


I didn’t even know much of their stuff. but had heard a bit of Yoshimi.

The Park was utterly rocking for them. More so than Sleaford Mods, who were also ace.


Now got a serious case of festival blues. Had a shitload of work to get through on my return to employment which kept my mind occupied. After I completed that, the mind has started to drift.

Already, I’ve looked up prices for _this _year’s Bestival, and I am ashamed to say that on occasion today, I’ve toyed with the idea of erecting the tent in the back garden and pulling the flat screen up to the patio doors.


I can’t afford the VIP circle like you so I’ll pitch my tent seven streets away and watch from there.

If you could kindly pop round to sell me a can of Coke for £4 and piss on my tent every few hours that would complete the experience nicely.


Bestival is loads of fun.

Fair warning though, I felt old last time I went year before last. It’s all bloody kids, with far too much energy for their own good.

Dunno what it’s like at the new site, but at least you ain’t got the absolute ball ache of getting to IoW.


Also Yeah, post-glasto blues are not a myth.

This week has been a struggle to stay awake for more than two hours at a time.


LOL I got confused, thought you meant Camp Bestival, was wondering why you’d want to go a family festival. At least Barry would approve of Camp Bestival, lots of youngsters at that…


The crowd sizes were interesting, needlessly so in some cases.

I suspect that until my dying day, I will never quite understand how it came to be that Ed Sheeran came to headline the Pyramid on Sunday while The Killers and their fans were rammed into John Peel. It’s even more amazing when you consider the fact that Mr Brightside is more or less a unifying festival anthem, stopping people in their tracks everywhere for a singalong.

We were in the Other Stage watching Kodaline, but ms pap insisted that we’d be alright even though there was a continuous stream of people heading up to John Peel Stage. I knew we wouldn’t be. A text from @intiniki pretty much confirmed it. ms pap talks a load of shit sometimes :lou_facepalm_2: They ended up turning people away at John Peel. Baffling decision. They were the perfect act to close the Pyramid.

Finally, big lols at Craig David and Jeremy Corbyn having twice the crowd of Radiohead.


I went to Camp Bestival once. Big crowd for Mr Tumble.

I enjoyed Florence and the Machine.

I was dressed as a dalmatian.


The Killers were a secret set, Glasto loves throwing some of those in from time to time, it’s part of the fun. By the sounds, they are usually pretty last minute bookings.

It’s worth remembering Ed recently sold out about 5 nights at Wembley Stadium, I don’t like the dude, but his numbers are consistently staggering.

RE Radiohead, it’s pretty common for headliners to have much smaller crowds than mid-afternoon acts. The ‘legends’ slots regularly pull the biggest crowd of the weekend (dolly, Lionel, etc). From where I was stood the xx had a bigger crowd than Radiohead. It’s kind of the nature of the beast, it’s the time of day where there are the highest number of big acts playing simultaneously. Radiohead are, as much as I love them, a bit of a marmite act. Few people fall in the middle on them, particularly with their well known love for not exactly playing set lists that appeal to ‘casual’ fans.

A big act playing mid-afternoon are up against less big acts. Headliners are up against headliners. It’s crowd management, which is why you see less of the secret sets these days. Every fucker is on twitter, and it can get dangerous, which is why you sadly don’t see Radiohead & Pulp up on the Park anymore.


I have been lucky to get some Bestival freebie tickets so have been to both Bestival and Camp Bestival (they let you in without kids!)

Both are great festivals. They use similar areas and set ups (some bits used at common people). Camp Bestival main stage is pretty small which means getting much closer to the band. We went in 2014 with De la Soul, James, Basement Jaxx, Johnny Marr. That’s where I saw Howard Marks reading fairy tales to kids. Its also in a lovely setting with what looked like decent camping.

Bestival was a pain to get to as on IOW. It just made it a whole lot pricier (and we had free tickets!). I went th year of Snoop Dog, Fatboy Slim and Elton John. They usually have a good line up and lots of things to explore. They also have hidden things to do.

Rob Dr Bank has now got one going in Bali. I’d be up for that!

I know a few people who cope with Glastonbury blues by going to Blissfields.


With Glastonbury off next year, I’m aiming at a couple of festivals, as long as they don’t fall on the same weekend.

First, a return to Donington is long overdue. It’ll mean listening to all the metal I haven’t heard for years, which may be considerable depending on the line up. If I can’t convince the missus to go to Download, I’m sure I can convince some mates.

IOW is going for Glastonbury’s weekend next year. 50th anniversary. Great heritage. I think it’s going to be the one to go to next year. This will be the family event.

If I can get a phase 1 Bestival ticket, may consider that too.


Probably going to try and get to Primavera again.

Went last year, and despite being on a crutch, it was loads of fun. It’s a good size, well organised and in one of my favourite cities, Barcelona. And when I say it’s in Barcelona, it is actually in the city.

The festival runs through the night, so you can chill in a cool city/sleep on the beach in the day.

Phase 1 tickets are out soon, and usually represent decent value. Obviously, you’re taking a risk with no acts having been announced, but their line ups are consistently fantastic.


Two updates.

  1. Bugger, seems our gang been doing Glasto all wrong after all


2 nd Update

Yes totally agree KRG. My therapy went OK though. (And yes it isn’t possible for everyone to do that but 48 quid return and stay with a mate for 5 days because I had to stay over for my Brothers (2nd) wedding and it was way cheaper than air bnb!

And yes - I slept an average of 10 hours per night, had 3 hours on the beach, another 2 hour siesta after lunch before a final 2 hour top up.

Utterly broken - remembering I did all the walking with a torn Meniscus and a stick. But would do it all again in a heart beat


I’ve had some form of post-festival lurgy ever since I got back.

That is apparently not uncommon either.


My partner also has the lurgy too.


Lurgy from glamping?

I have an excuse. I lived in a community with greater population density than Mumbai for five days :lou_sunglasses:


I do have the back to work blues today though…

You & Pap both forgot to pack your Dettol Wipes & Hand Sanitizers didn’t you :lou_sunglasses:



We forgot nothing, @dubai_phil .

We had towel size wet wipes, FFS.