Cover us in glory

Cover us in glory


This is brilliant - One of my most favourite and mmost brilliant of his holiness the Bob’s songs done with some rather special magic - probably Emily Frantz’s voice please enjoy

I hope you agree




Saw Bragg at the Brook in the week and he played this cover of Anais Mitchell’s lament at the selfishness and lack of compassion all over the world.


The cover I want to post isn’t on YouTube. You guys will have to imagine it.

It’s really nothing like the original.


I like it


You’ve always had such catholic taste.


I preferred the original.





God that was fucking awful.

Nobody can beat Gram Parsons & The Burritos version.


Faux-mahogany cunt.


Did you not realise you can like both without denigrating either? I’ve never understood that. Most cover a song because they love the original… respect their good taste.


Really??? I never thought that, I only thought you could like one version of any song.

I like the stones version, although wether that’s the original is a debatable point. Richards gave The Flying Burritos the song which was released a year before The Stones did it. Leon Russell actually did a blue grass version that was pretty good. I like those 3 versions, but Parsons wins it for me. Still doesn’t change my opinion of the version posted, it’s shocking. Shit.


…but because you don’t like it doesn’t actually make it shit. It’s simply not performed the way you like it, it’s not for you…that should be enough. The fact that I prefer the Burrito’s version doesn’t mean I think Sam Bean’s version is shit…to me it clearly isn’t. He clearly loves the song too.


LD is like a cocky teenager who thinks their opinion on music is definitive, often agreesively so, failing to acknowledge their opinionis just that… thankfuly, most folks grow out of it.


Calm down snowflakes , where have I said you have to like the music I like. If I think somethings shit, a tune, tv show, book, footballer, I’ll say it’s shit.


What do you consider shit about it?




To me most covers are pointless, because they bring nothing new, but that’s just me and in no way makes them shit, so please explain why it’s shit. Pointless i can understand, but shit implies a lack of talent. I didn’t hear that.


Only twats use the term ‘snowflake’… but if that offends it would be nicely ironic :lou_wink_2:


Arguments about “The Arts” are largely pointless…everybody sees them with an individual viewpoint. Nobody has the magic formula that makes their viewpoint the definitive one. Some make their views in a conciliatory fashion, others in an antagonistic fashion.

One’s worth talking to, the other thinks they already hold all the answers.