Cold Holidays

Cold Holidays


i am looking at booking a few days away over the Xmas period, but want to go somewhere cold. Like thigh deep snow, cold. Like loads of little brass monkeys crying about missing appendages, cold.

So any ideas? Not fussed about skiing (maybe x country). Feeling like going north.


Iceland is the fucking balls.


Went to Reykjavik some years back in Feb. Brilliant long weekend although blisteringly expensive.

Highlight was driving up the glacier in one of the those monster trucks and then ski doing off into the white, Epic.


It’s easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. If you’ve been already and don’t want to go again then i can’t help you. For that reason; I’m out.


Couldn’t find mine last time I went, was so cold they were snuggling up somewhere by my kidney’s.

As CB_S says - expensive, but seriously worth it even if you just stay in Reykjavik.

Recommendation - if offered any whale produce, don’t accept, just don’t. I’ve never met anyone from Iceland who actually eats the stuff.


I always think about this when someone asks(i still haven’t done it). Old article and not sure about timings, but worth a look.


I seem to remember a programme on this. That is more like it.




This’d be a no then?


I think @cb-saint was looking for more of a cold one, you know a hole in the ice, full face in the teeth of a blizzard type thing @cellone


That is right up the Ayatollah’s street.


Ignore it then. This isn’t for her(she’s going to love the igloo), it’s your thread, pick what you like, then convince her*

*Ayatollah? Maybe invest in some body amour. Good luck :lou_smiley:


Fatwas. Jihads. Just a way of life in the CB house.

Allah Akbar


So, do you mind if she tells you to wear a burka?


I might question her choice of foreplay


But that’s not a “no” though?


Rather that than a Chelsea kit.*

*This is not intended to imply that CB Saint looks like David Mellor. I’ve never met CB Saint but I’m sure he doesn’t look remotely like David Mellor.**

**For his own sake, I fucking hope he doesn’t.***

***But if he does I think the burka is probably a good option after all.


I am not being negative here but who does Cold holidays?

seeing the fauna and flora and the local landmarks all well and good but do it when the sun is shinning please.


Just saying…



Why the fuck would ANYONE want to go anywhere else OTHER than Iceland (again) for a Cold Holiday.

There are so many other places to explore that we’d never get to on a “first trip” - the whole Eastern Side of the place.

I did the same - sales meeting (some genius thought having a US/EU meeting half way was cool… - so took a long weekend - it wasn’t long enough.

Geysers Blue Lagoon Whale Watching and refusing Whale Products.

Fresh, Wild, Line caught Salmon straight off the boat at a restaurant at the Docks. I ain’t normally a fish eater but I have NEVER forgotten how fucking amazing it tasted (and how much it cost)

Alternatively RyanAir to Krakow, take a day or two to chillax then take the train down to Zacopane for some time - the area is stunning, it is the Polish Winter Sports centre (They have Ski Jumping and everything) But REALLY not wise to try and go for NYE they have like 80 miles traffc jams.)

Oh and I can assure you Poland is fucking Freezing in Winter


I saw this on Facebook the other day - glass igloo in Finland